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  1. There are no 1 year fixes for this team. It is going to take 2-3 more off seasons of smart moves and developing our young talent to be a good/great team again. The UFA market is juts about dead, the draft takes time, and trades cost you pieces that you want to keep. There is no way the Jets would move Trouba for a package that doesn't include 1 of our top young guys. IMHO we need to move out salary, add picks, draft wisely, and let the youth develop. If we can overachive and find 2-3 NHL claiber players each of the next 2-3 drafts to go with what we have we will be fine. Yes it is going to be the 2020 season before it all plays out, but that is reality.
  2. Been a while. Divorce will do that. There is still only 1 guy that I pick at 9 and that is Foote. Good size, good skater, good offensively, and good defensively. He will be a #2 in the NHL is about 3 years. Draft and we all can smile and be happy.
  3. If Holland returns I think and fear that Blashill gets 1 more year.
  4. Blashill is Hollands personal project. This is the coach that Holland wanted. He will finish this year and TBH I would not be surprised if he returns next season. The only sure way he doesn't is if Holland is gone this summer. The 2 are tied together, like it or not.
  5. 3 points out of the possible 10 in the first 5 games. The fat lady is standing by the mic.......
  6. 2 years ago DD had 29 assists, he has some offensive talent. Just having a bad year which is a product of the team and coaching.
  7. Not that far my friend. Just this year and a few names the next 2 years.
  8. Now names for Green. One of the sites talking about moving Green mentioned the Rangers as a possible trading partner. The proposed trade was Green (we retain 50% of his salary in 17/18) and a late rd pick to the Rangers for Vesey and their 2017 1st. Now that was just someone spitballing. But if we could do Green for Vesey 1 for 1 I would do it in a heartbeat! To me the perfect deal for Green would be to the Habs with Sheahan for their 1st and McCarron. Helps the Habs out this year and next as they are built for deep Cup runs, also gives them the large defensive C they are looking for/trying to create and we get a big RHed RW who is very good around the net in McCarron (Detroit kid as well) and another pick.
  9. Or trade for prospects. Draft picks in rounds 2 and later need 3-4 years to develop. We need help now. So getting some guys that are already 2-3 years down the development road playing in the AHL or college would make some sense. For example, there have been Chicago wants Vanek rumors. Here are some guys from Chicago that I would consider: John Hayden 6-3/217 RHed RW 22 years old, 4th season playing for Yale. Career numbers by season at Yale: 3rd rd in 2013. 13/14 6 goals 16 pts in 33 games 14/15 7 goals 18 pts in 29 games 15/16 16 goals 22 pts in 32 games 16/17 11 goals 18 pts in 14 games He is known to play using his size down low around the net. Something we need. Matheson Iacopelli 6-3/206 LHed LW/C. Plays for WMU. 3rd rd pick in 2014. 13/14 41 goals 63 pts in 58 games for Muskegon USHL 14/15 23 goals 37 pts in 56 games for Muskegon USHL 15/16 1 goal 7 pts in 27 games for WMU 16/17 14 goals 19 pts in 18 games for WMU Known as a good skater with a very good shot. Carl Dahlstrom 6-4/223 LHed D 21 years old. 2nd rd pick in 2013. This is his 1st season with the Rockford IceHogs AHL. Has played 22 games with 3 goals and 4 pts. Known to be a very good stay at home defender. Any combo of 2 or 3 of these guys would work for me. All could be ready to play in the NHL sometime next season. Future stars? Doubtful, but these are the type of players that you find in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. 3 line guys that may become second line guys. Hayden and Iacopelli are Abby type of players and Dahlstrom is an Ericsson type of defender. All add depth and competition for our team and organization.
  10. Now the harder part is to find a dancing partner to make a deal. I took a look at the top teams, the ones most likely to make it to the PO's. Also took a breif look at their needs based on how their O/D are doing. Needing Offense: Boston, Ottawa, Washington, Florida, Chicago, San Jose, Anaheim, and LA. Needing Defense: Pitt, NYR, Philly, Tor, TB, STL. Could be looking to improve either end: Habs, BJ's, Minny, Ed, Cal. Players we have that may help by catagory: Offense: Nyquist, tatar, Vanek, Green, Smith Defense: Sheahan and Helm as 3/4 C's, but that is about it. grit (always looked for at the deadline): Ott
  11. Not really. Both are still young and have room for improvement. neither one is max'd out yet. Neither one is cheap either. Trouba's next deal will be in the 4.5 to 5 million range. This is where his contract could become an issue. Not that we don't have the cap but is he going to be worth that type of money in 1.5 years? Right now we can trade our 1st for trouba and hope he becomes elite OR keep our pick draft Foote and hope he becomes elite. Trouba is 4 years older and cost 3 x as much money. Now if we had trouba and he is paired with DD that is a pretty good second pair. But as mentioned above, why are doing either or? Lets get/keep both. Having a BL group of: Samuelsson (2018)-Foote (2017) DD-Trouba Cholowski-Sproul Oullett-Marchenko This would be very very good. Do we have the parts to make it happen? yes. Without using our 1st round pick we can do it. I would next expect it until the summer however when teams are going to be more willing to make moves to protect value due to the expansion draft.
  12. Tavares is a C. he and neilsson were not linemates. Tavares had Okposso and often Martin on his wings. He is from Mississauga (Toronto). Now who is the more likely? The very good on the rise ML or the still in decline RW?
  13. If an elite Dman was available then yes you make a deal. Trouba is not elite. He is a RHed version of DD, nothing more. The stats don't lie. He is a good second pair guy, not elite.
  14. I saw this on a couple of websites: WIIM and ProHockey something or another. When the Yotes traded Yandle a couple of year ago he was 28, had 1.5 years left on his contract and was known as an offensive Dman. The Yotes got Duclair, Moore, a 1st round pick and a 2nd round pick for him. The Yotes did retain some salary. When Hudler and Stepniack (spelling) were traded both in the last year of their contracts, the selling teams got a 2nd round and a 4th round pick for each one. Those guys where used as the baseline for potential trades of Green and Vanek. If we can get close to those type of returns, both should be traded tomorrow! Let the rebuild begin! Then get whatever we can for Smith and Ott.
  15. I wouldn't go that far at all. Trouba is a good young talent. Most Dmen don't reach their max until their late 20's. Both Trouba and DD have room to improve/grow as players. But look at their numbers by year. There is very little between them. 2013/14 DD: 23 points 65 games 64 hits 13 takeaways 116 blocks 36 giveaways +10 Trouba: 29 points 65 games 95 hits 31 takeaways 132 blocks 88 giveaways +4 2014/15 DD: 31 points 80 games 74 hits 14 takeaways 88 blocks 38 giveaways +11 Trouba: 22 points 65 games 97 hits 28 takeaways 120 blocks 76 giveaways +2 2015/16 DD: 20 points 78 games 88 hits 17 takeaways 107 blocks 38 giveaways +2 Trouba: 21 points 81 games 144 hits 29 takeaways 177 blocks 65 giveaways +10 2016/17 DD: 6 points 40 games 47 hits 7 takeaways 83 blocks 27 giveaways -13 Trouba: 13 points 27 games 40 hits 15 takeaways 58 blocks 30 giveaways +4 Where is the big difference between these 2? There isn't much. Trouba is a more physical player-more hits and blocks, DD is better with the puck far fewer turnovers. Offense is about the same. DD is a couple of years older. In the end not much seperates these 2. In a perfect world they would form a second pair together. 1 is RHed and 1 is LHed. Perfect.