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  1. FlashyG

    Hall of Fame Boards

    I'm touched anyone even remembers me around these parts. I still lurk from time to time here and on HFboards and Reddit but my posting slowed down when the fan base became insufferably negative for me. Maybe I'll surprise everyone with some new photoshops this upcoming season.
  2. FlashyG


  3. FlashyG

    D-Boz tearin 'em up in the D!

    Switched jobs, moved and don't have enough free time this season. Hopefully once I've been at this place a while I can work from home a little more often so I have time to do some more GDT's and post a little more.
  4. FlashyG

    Dreger: Ryan Johanson is in play

    Not only will the Wings be unlikely to part with the assets required to get him, I don't think they have the salary cap space to take his 4 Million cap hit without shedding nearly equal salary going to Columbus
  5. FlashyG

    Ian White Preparing for War?

    The Unauthorized possession of a firearm charge means he didn't have a license to carry at all, and the breach of recognizance means that he was already in legal trouble and failed to show up at his court appearance. You also seemed to miss the fact that the gun was a prohibited firearm in Canada which means it was either a handgun with a barrel equal or less than 105mm in length, an adapted rifle or shotgun (ie. A sawed off shot-gun), or an automatic firearm that hasn't been altered to fire only one bullet per trigger pull. Even if your proposed version of events were true, which is unlikely, its pretty stupid to go hunting when: You're not authorized to even carry a gun. The gun you're carrying is illegal You also have said gun improperly stored You're already wanted for failure to appear in court and you have a prior criminal history. There's a reason he was remanded into custody and not just fined and let go, and its not because Canada has a strict criminal justice system. He's in real trouble.
  6. FlashyG

    11/13 GDT | Sharks @ Red Wings | 7:30 PM ET | FSD

    I doubt Blashill has any issues with confidence in either of his goalies. They've swapped back and forth for almost every game this season. They also have almost identical numbers.
  7. It's a little bit early, but I wont be around at Midnight to post it. Hopefully that's ok.
  8. FlashyG

    2015-16 GDT Sign-up Sheet

    I'll take tomorrows vs San Jose if nobody minds.
  9. FlashyG

    Pulkkinen re-signs.... 1 year deal

    damn. I wish I had thought of the Hudler face. I could've used one to replace Eddie O.
  10. FlashyG

    Wings lose scout to leafs

    I'm not sure what losing a scout has to do with Babcock. His involvement with scouts would be minimal at best. Shanahan would be the one who poached him, but I think it has more to do with him getting a promotion he was never going to get in Detroit. The Wings have Hakan as their director of European Scouting and I'm sure Shanahan was well aware that Vuori has spent the past few years learning from him. Who better to choose to become your own director of European Scouting?
  11. FlashyG

    Pulkkinen re-signs.... 1 year deal

    Negativity and Pulkamania, 2 things that don't go together brother. NHL...Whatcha gonna do when the Pulkster runs wild on you?
  12. FlashyG

    Lovable Dan Cleary update thread

    I don't think you'd shed any tears if the team lost Franzen for nothing.
  13. FlashyG

    Stan Bowman (CHI) on CBA troubles

    Canadian ratings are down, but that has more to due with Rogers being awful than the product being bad. Ratings in the US are soaring
  14. FlashyG

    Lovable Dan Cleary update thread

    Sometimes its easy to forget that while Dan Cleary the player has long since outlived his usefulness as a Detroit Red Wing, that Dan Cleary the man is actually a great person and a wonderful ambassador for not just the Red Wings but professional athletes in general. That story above my post is a good reminder of that. In no way do I want him taking a roster spot up on the team anymore, but I'll always respect how he turned his career around with the Wings and his contributions to the team over the years.