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    Wings Make Offer to Danny D!

    And Almquist put a hat trick last night with the Griffins.
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    HC Davos VS Team Canada

    You're welcome.
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    HC Davos VS Team Canada

    During the spengler's cup, the league stops. A lot of players are free to play the tournament if a team ask them. For team Canada, they take players who are skating in Europe. But with the lockout, team Canada looks impressive. Spezza, Bergeron, Tavares and many more. The tournament: 2 permanents teams, Davos and Team Canada. Are guest an another Swiss team, one from KHL, a German and the last one changes every year. Finnish, Swede or Slovakian. Brunner and Kane were invited by Davos. Marc Streit wanted to play but his team said no no no! The game: IMO it was a mistake to play Brunner with Kane and The other one. Against Canada you think D first and these three just wanted to score. Paradoxically, Brunner looked good on the PK and better than Kane during the game IMO. For Canada, they used 4 right handed players in PP. I think it's a bit strange. Canada's coach is Doug Shedden, also coach of EV Zug. He knows Swiss teams very well and it's an advantage for team Canada.
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    Swiss League Topscorer Damien Brunner

    Why stupid? I could understand "ugly" but Stupid.. Explain please.
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    11/26 Happy Birthday Chris Osgood

    Incredible moment!!! Thank you Ozzy.
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    Brunner VS. Rueger

    The yellow helmet is for the top scorer of the team. Not beautiful but you easily see it during the game. He also wears flames on his jersey.
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    Patrick Kane to play in the Swiss league

    Exactly! Switzerland is beautiful and the travels are shorts... And the standard of living is high!
  9. Azelov

    Z first game in Swiss league

    First minute of the game, first goal for Zetterberg, assisted by Brunner. With Omark on the same line, they are flying!
  10. Azelov

    Z first game in Swiss league

    Zetterberg is too strong for the Swiss league even if it was against weak teams! He's flying on the pp, awesome in pk and he can keep the puck 1minute if he wants to... It could be good for his self confidence to score so many goals. Brunner is good but he misses a lot of opportunities in these two games.
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    Z first game in Swiss league

    End of the game. Zetterberg 2g 1 assist and Brunner 3 assist in a 5-3 win against the tigers. Zet was terrific and he easily found chemistry with Brunner. A real pleasure to see.
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    Best pure goal scorer for the Wings

    European's cup vs Anaheim, Germany. Something like the champions league in soccer world
  13. I wish you a good game. I'll watch it on tv. I'm usually for fribourg but all I can now is GO Zug!!
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    Best pure goal scorer for the Wings

    Z did not play yet. He will Friday. So from where these stats are coming?
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    News from Switzerland

    Ok, it's Saturday night, I'm drunk and despite my poor English speaking, I 'll speak about Swiss league. Tonight was the 4th night of our regular season. Davos vs Lakers: Nash put an hat trick with one assist and Thornton 4 assists in a 9-2 win. Ok, we don't care about them. So Brunner scored twice in a 6-3 win over ambri, à team from the italian side of Switzerland. For the people who don't know about Swiss, we speak 3 languages: French (for me) German and Italian. There is an another one but nobodies knows it: romanche. A mix between the 3. Very strange.
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    News from Switzerland

    Z playing in Switzerland! It's like Christmas for all Swiss Redwings'fans! Maybe I'll find some tickets to see him in real rather than in my pc. Of course, I prefer NHL games but sometimes, a dream come true.
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    News from Switzerland

    A swiss media reports that Z could play for Lugano in LNA. If it's right, not a good new!!
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    News from Switzerland

    Brunner had 4 points in a 7-2 win against kloten. He's now second in the stats standing with 8 points. 2g 6 assists.
  19. Damien brunner is already in Switzerland. He'll play with his former team, EV Zug.
  20. Azelov

    Nyquist vs. Brunner

    I don't have the link but there is a ranking of the leagues around the world. It starts with NHL noted at 100 and then khl, Sweden, finish.... Swiss league is more or less at 70. Ahl something like 55 so...only numbers but it seems that Brunner's played in a not so bad area.
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    Nyquist vs. Brunner

  22. Azelov

    Tomas Tatar

    I know we're looking for D but let's talk about this kid. I've seen him play in the world tournament and the guy impressed me. He's strong defensively, play with a lot of hearth and has sniper's abilities(right place at the right time). Many euro reporters were surprise that he's not a nhl'er and me too! He's a Redwings fan so give him a real opportunity this year! Otherwise I think he has good trade value and since yesterday....
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    Darren Helm signs 4 year extension

    Great!! I would love to see him play with Z sometimes. If he works his shoot he will be a lethal weapon...
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    Thank you #5

    Watching games makes me very tired for working at 7am(jetlag). So thank you Mister#5 for all the troubles you get me into!!! I Will follow the next season with little sadness in my wing's Broken heart....