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  1. zetterbergfan

  2. Legwand to Detroit for Eaves, Jarnkrok + cond 3rd/2nd

    I was a Jarnkrok fan too. But, given the situation the Wings are in, it was a good trade. Legwand is a proven solid top six forward for at least five more years. I assume he will resign in Detroit for a reasonable price. Calle may not ever be a top six NHLer or even play in NA. The Wings are loaded with young forwards. Kenny knows all of this and how to do his job WAY MORE than any of us do. Relax people...or go away.
  3. Red Wings Next Captain

    Zetterberg will be entering his 10th season in the league and is the second longest serving Red Wing behind only Datsyuk. He posseses many of the qualities that made Yzerman and Lidstrom two of the greatest leaders in NHL history. Through his tremendous work ethic, and elite skill on both offense and defense, Zetterberg has earned the respect of his teammates and opponents. Despite being one of the most talented all-around players in the world, Zetterberg remains a humble and honest hard-worker, who leads by example. He is a quiet leader, soft spoken, but willing to speak up when something needs to be said. He is a good communicator, articulate, reasonable. These are skills he will use when dealing with the media, on-ice officials, teammates, and coaches. Zetterberg’s father is a coach. He is a player that doesn’t need much coaching. He thinks the game. Henrik displays tenacity and devotion to the team. The way he kicks his game into another gear and carries the team on his back is reminiscent of Yzerman. They both refuse to accept defeat. But, even with all of the passion and desire for the game, Zetterberg keeps his emotion under control, calm and cool like his mentor and hero, Nicklas Lidstrom. My full article at: Red Wings Captaincy: Following the Legends
  4. Zetterberg 10th on All-time Swedish Goal Scorers List

    I predict 440.
  5. Atlanta Thrashers move to Winnipeg

    With Seattle's possible stadium in the works, the NHL would be very attracted to this region as well.
  6. Zetterberg 10th on All-time Swedish Goal Scorers List

    It is very unlikely, but somewhat "possible". He averages 28-29 goals a season. If he can maintain that, he gets there. 400-450 is probably more realistic.
  7. Henrik Zetterberg has passed two electrifying and prolific players to move into 10th place on the All-time Swedish NHL goal scoring list. He is moving up the list fast at this point of his career. Its going to be hard to maintain the pace he is on, but it would be amazing if he could get to 500 career goals someday.
  8. Awesome game by Zetterberg...three assists...

    And fixed....three assists I am all for Z, Bert, Mule if they are going to play like that. I think Datsyuk has a better skill set for being on a line with Hudler and Fil. He can dangle and move around in the zone with the puck better while they get in shooting positions. Z would just work his way into the zone and dump (shoot) the puck towards the net. Z certainly looked energized just having the new line. I wonder if he was unhappy on a line with Hudler and Fil.
  9. Awesome game by Zetterberg...three assists...

    It's still not fixed at NHL.com. Anyone know how to point this out to the league? Any media contacts out there? I know this isn't the biggest deal in the world, but this is an easy fix. And Z needs all the points he can get this year.
  10. Hank clearly set up Bert's second goal in the third period. Yet he isn't being credited for it in the boxscore. Anyone know if this will be reviewed again by the official scorers? Or is it a done deal? He sure looked like a different player on a line with Franzen and Bert. I knew that his linemates were part of the problem.
  11. What happened to Zetterberg's scoring touch?

    He may be slightly snakebitten, but I think it is more a case of taking a ton of low percentage shots. Z just throws it at the net alot to try to create chances. Like I said above. He is being limited to where he can get shots off from.
  12. How open would you be to trading Hank?

    This is crazy talk....see my response here
  13. What happened to Zetterberg's scoring touch?

    I have been reading the articles and the forums, and listening to everyone else’s opinion as to why Henrik Zetterberg is not producing the points, especially goals, the way we are used to. I’ve thought about it, and like everyone else, I don’t think you can point to any one thing that is the root cause of Zetterberg’s scoring woes. After watching his play closely, I have come to a conclusion that it is likely a combination of things. Many are speculating that Zetterberg is possibly playing with a nagging injury, possibly his back. Perhaps years of playing with a bad back is affecting his game. Or maybe he has just lost a step. It happens with age. Never a “speedy” player, Z always had to kick it into a higher gear to work his way around a defenseman. If he has lost that higher gear, that part of his game is gone. That doesn’t mean he can’t score. It is just one factor. Additionally, Zetterberg has never had the strongest shot. He has cited this as a weakness in the past. If he isn’t getting shots from prime scoring areas in front of and around the net, then his softer shots, no matter how many of them he takes, aren’t going to get by NHL goalies, especially without a net front presence. When Zetterberg has been effective in the past, he has had a “grinder” on his line. Whether it be Tomas Holmstrom, Dan Cleary, or Johan Franzen, there has been someone who created chaos in front of the netminder, and someone who could muck it up, bang bodies, and win battles along the boards. These guys could go get the puck in the corner and get it to Zetterberg in the slot or beside the crease. With smaller skill players such as Valtteri Filppula and Jiri Hudler as linemates, Zetterberg is sort of filling the “grinder” role. He has to play along the boards and try to win battles in corners with bigger opponents. A lot of time he is losing those battles. He isn’t able to carry the puck out and get it into area he needs to be in to score regularly. This results in an increase in turnovers and penalties taken by Zetterberg. Defenses know all this. They see the players on Detroit’s second line and they focus on Zetterberg, ensuring that he is forced along the boards. They make him take low percentage outside shots. They are taking away his real scoring chances. But, you can’t do that without giving up a little and the beneficiaries are Zetterberg’s wingers, Hudler and Filppula, who are both having career years. That is why coach Mike Babcock isn’t making any line changes to accommodate Zetterberg’s “slump”. The Wing’s are winning. And while Zetterberg's numbers aren't where they could be, the line is scoring. Babcock, and probably even Z himself, are willing to sacrifice Hank’s statistics for the production of the entire line. What does it mean? It means Zetterberg isn’t done. He can return to goal scoring form on a line where that is his role. That isn’t what he is being asked to do right now. You don’t hear Babcock asking for more goals from Zetterberg in the media. He realizes what he is asking of Z. Zetterberg is still one of the best defensive forwards in the game. He is a coach’s son and plays in great position. He is a top-line two-way center and an outstanding penalty killer. From Zetterbergfan.com
  14. McCrimmon, Salei on board Russian plane crash

    PROBERT/CHELIOS, SALEI... Do they need any more reasons to RETIRE #24... or at least stop using it?
  15. Name Me a Better 2-Way Player Today than Henrik Zetterberg…

    That is GOLD! He grins because he has to admit it. That is awesome!