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  1. Pavel steals and scores!!! Pavel steals again!!!!
  2. I'll never forget big Wayne Van Dorp picking a fight with smaller Joey Kocur. That was a bloody mess! Yzerman's 400th goal was also unforgettable.
  3. Yeah... Lidstrom had a history of doing things like that. Zetterberg also...
  4. The Infamous Detroit Red Wings v. Colorado Avalanche Brawl of 1997 Roy vs Osgood EPIC fight April 1, 1998 OZZY OZZY OZZY!!!!
  5. Brendan shanahan mocks female fan, hillarious! Joey Kocur KO's Jim Kyte
  6. Pavel Datsyuk shocks Big Shea Weber Tough guy Kevin Maguire runs Greg Stefan, then fights Yzerman and Buffalo announcers call Probert the cheap shot artist.
  7. Datsyuk Shootout Goal Datsyuk Shootout Goal in Minnesota
  8. Darren Helm Takes over the Chicago Series... A new star is born. Mikael Samuelsson OT Winner Hawks @ Wings Game 2
  9. Steve Yzerman's goal in Chicago on February 26th, 1989. Igor Larionov Scores in Triple Overtime - Stanley Cup Playoffs
  10. Lidstrom save and McCarty's breakaway... Awesome... Vladimir Konstantinov hit on Claude Lemieux
  11. Martin Lapointe Breaks Patrick Roy's Glove With Slapshot Joey Kocur's goal is the Stanley Cup Finals
  12. I'll never forget McCarty's hat trick in game one of the 2002 playoffs. Bob Probert beats up the toughest guy in the NHL, Chicago's Glen Cochrane. The Legend of Bob Probert grows...
  13. Patrick Roy' Statue of Liberty... That was great... Steve Yzerman Game 7 Double Overtime Goal against St. Louis. HE SCORED FROM THE BLUE LINE!!!! Amazing...
  14. Shanahan vs Corbet - Marc Crawford vs Scotty Bowman Bob Probert and Tie Domi Saga
  15. signed

    I'd rather have Thomas Jurco than Zach Parise. We must sign more young players like this! Jurco had 6 goals and 9 assists in 6 games as a St. John Sea Dogs... Let's see what he can do in Grand Rapids.