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  1. He has been floating around Detroit
  2. I think, however unlikely it may be, this is the best idea I have heard in a very long time.
  3. Cleary scores 20+
  4. If Holland signed Carkner axe would say he isn't tough either. He just likes to pop in every thread and write negative posts unless it's about Emmerton. The one guy everyone has a right to say his future isn't bright with the wings...
  5. signed

    Got my whistle in the mail last week lol
  6. That is a good deal for the Preds
  7. There are valid points to each side of this argument. The core of this team is aging there is no doubt about that, and since 09 the team has been regressing. I don't have a problem with seeing how the new pieces fit for the first part of the season, however if it doesn't work out then moves need to be made. I would like to think Semin paired with dats would solve the offensive concerns but if holland doesn't make a move on him I can understand why due to his baggage.
  8. rumor

    I hope this is a joke
  9. He is over 35 that is when Kenny over pays so no worries there...
  10. The 5 years doesn't bother me if it means we have Pasha for another 5. The 6 a year is steep after last season. 5/27 sounds about right and even if he doesn't reach his potential if it keeps dats happy it was a bargain.
  11. Right, "He adds size, and toughness to our blue line. He also already knows the system. We really like our team." sincerely Kenny from Oakland Hills Country Club.
  12. So do you! And how do you know he isn't working? I agree it is frustrating but stop being so stupid!
  13. My question is, why not both Semin and Doan? If you really want a shot at winning a cup Holland may not get his way and have to offer some money and length of contract.
  14. If it is as a rental player I am fine with it, but damn I may just bring up a young kid and tell him sink or swim. Let's be realistic as it sits right now we are not a cup contender. If we sign Doan or Semin then go get a rental but if not bring up prospects.
  15. Count me in the camp that doesn't care either way. We do need players in GR tho.