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  1. So website has a banner that says "lidstrom is joining the wings next season, a scout' So I get worked up about how dare they mess with my ability to read full sentences. I want Nick back so bad.
  2. I know I said I want Ryan on our roster, but living in Southern California, I´ve seen Bobby multiple times and I think he´s more interested in the glamor then the game. Watching him from behind the Ducks bench I´ve seen multiple temper tantrums. Whether it´s obvious towards the coach or another player, he sure throws a hissy fit. Then comes his attitude towards his name being thrown in rumors. I just feel like he´s kind of a head-case.
  3. While I agree with you on he´s a 7-7.5 million $ player, I also think that Parise would command 9-10 million $ salary on the ¨open market¨ because he would need that money to convince him to leave HIS team in NJ. This is probably hard for him.
  4. With Parise´s comments about him going back to NJ I cringed because I want him to distract some teams while we go for trades or signings. In example: Bobby Ryan, Semin, Suter.
  5. I am guessing the only reason he is making it to July 1st is to see what he´s worth. I´m guessing Lou is trying right now to sign him at 7-8 million justifiably because NJ Devils are bankrupt. I say that because if NJ wasn´t struggling with money than Parise would be given 20 million to stay (exaggeration). They love him there as he´s a loyal hard working player.
  6. After reading multiple sources' opinions I have come to the conclusion that most likely Parise will be a Devil next season. In an interview on NHL Home Ice, Parise refers to Adam Oates' relocation as hurting ¨us¨ meaning ¨him¨ on the Devils next year and the future. I wouldn't want to sign him at the 9-10 million $ salary he seeks anyways, but I look at it as a slight problem for the Wings. Before reading the quotes above (see above) I figured that with Parise testing the market fully, other teams like the Rangers, Penguins, etc. would jump at this opportunity while we focus on better options suitable for our current situation and go after players like Semin who will be at discount because of his worst season as a Capital last year. I always assumed Parise would re-sign with the Devils so I wasn't worried, but happy that he would take attention away from players the Wings could steal. Now that he is expressing that he wants to play in New Jersey and calling the Devils ¨us¨, it creates a less hostile environment for teams trying to pursue him. Teams are realizing the fact that Parise is probably not the best option to throw all their chips in. I am looking at players like Semin, Schultz, Suter. Let´s say Kenny signs Suter and Schultz in a package kind of deal. Where Kenny entices Suter with playing with a young gun in Schultz and entices Schultz with playing along a proven defender in Suter. We can sign Semin for 4-5 million (given he can receive more elsewhere, but likes the idea of playing with Datsyuk), sign Suter for his 7 million, and get Schultz for his entry 925,000$ contract. Being realistic I do not believe it´s even 60% possible that Kenny will be able to pull this off, but this is in my perfect world. Hell, let´s pull a Miami Heat and sign Parise Suter Semin and Schultz. Use the pitch that look what Miami has done, imagine what we all could do kind of thing. (I wish) What do you all think?