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  1. OH, YEAH! And it'll be two weeks on Friday and none of the members who he promised refunds after closing the league have been payed... so yeah! Hurry up and join so the others can get their money back!
  2. Unless you like absent Commisioners who are unwilling to change and are absent for long periods of time... I would stay away from this league. Oh, Also they shut down league's with out warning! Why do you think this league has so many openings? At least 4 team openings in one off season? Hmmm... They may only be advertising two to not seem so desperate but they have between 4-6 openings! The SinBin used to consist of two leagues! Now it's just one because the commish just closed one with out warning locking ALL of the owners out! Killing 4 years of investment in a keeper league!