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  1. Do not trade away Filppula, that would just be stupid.. Rather trade Franzén and Cleary. Actually I think we have a promising defence as it is now. Sure we need something more, but not to expensive if were talking trades. Sign Semin! Really think he´ll grow as a player in the company of Zetterberg and Dastyuk, beacuse who wouldn´t? We do need a scorer, badly. And Semin is a potential 40-50 goal-scorer/season. If we trade, then rather trade Ryan than Nash, because Ryan´s not gonna cost as much as Nash.
  2. Holland comments on Suter & Parise going to Wild

    Holland have to sign Semin now!! We need a top-six forward, and Semin would be great. Also trade Nash or Ryan, offer Franzén and Cleary. Those two are the only forwards that I´m ok with leaving. And that probably wont be enough for either Nash or Ryan, so maybe they´ll have to throw in some more, but NO ONE else from our top lines.
  3. Hudler to test free agency

    Great news! Just hoping that Mr Holland can sign Parise and Suter. After that we still will have money to spend on another forward. I would love to se Semin i Red Wings, but i doubt that we can afford him if we sign Suter and Parise. Does anyone know if Detroit have any interest in Nash? A part of me hopes that they dont have any interest in him, beacuse the wings will have to give up too much. Sorry for my poor english spelling