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  1. Missing the playoffs? Try Winning The Central!

    Exactly, it's really hard to predict whats going to happen so I don't see it being unrealistic thinking this team could take the division, so maybe we should just stop predictions and patiently wait for puck drop in 2 days!!!!
  2. Missing the playoffs? Try Winning The Central!

    Im with you man, I trust in these guys, are defense is going to shock some people they know there going to have to step up there level of play and thats what there going to do, I also think Pavs Zetty and Brunner have potential to be the most effective line in hockey.
  3. Missing the playoffs? Try Winning The Central!

    Alright call me crazy but I see people doubting we even make the playoffs this year? Alright so lets break this down. You lose Homer and Hudler and for replacements you have Brunner Samuelsson and TooToo with Nyquist getting more of a regular role, I believe are offense will be more dynamic and more effective then last year. Defense: Everyone knows we lost Nick and we lost Stuart too, and for replacement we have a young kid in Smith who is unproven, Coliacovo who has had injury problems but when healthy has proved to be effective and are regulars White Ericcson Kronwall Quincey and Kindl. I think were putting too much emphasis on how much Nick's departure will hurt us, are defensive core definitely isn't the best but they can perform to were this team can still contend to win the division. I don't believe in the Blues hype, Chicago has goaltending issues Nashville will drop this year and Columbus is well Columbus. I'll call it right now, this team wins the Central, and the doubters will be silenced. Remember we had the best Goaltender in hockey before the injury and I see Jimmy contending for the Vezina at the end of the year and the addition of Gus will keep Jimmy rested and give us a trustworthy back-up. Puck drop is coming in 2days, predictions will be done and will see what this team is gonna bring, Lets Go Wings!
  4. Wade Redden

    I'm going to agree with the majority here and say no, I think are defensive core isn't as bad as people are making it out to be but I know a lot of people hate on Kindl on the forums so do you replace Kindl with Redden and that moves gives us a more solid D? tough to say
  5. Wade Redden Do you take a chance?
  6. Brunner's nickname

    Can't Tame The Dame
  7. Wings Looking For Defenseman

    Hmm that is interesting, Franzen really has this fan base twisted, some love the guy and think he can turn it around, some think he's a lazy inconsistent player who needs to be gone, I'd like to give the Mule one more year to prove himself and its hard with Tatar because he has good potential just never gets the chance because of the overstock of forwards we have
  8. Wings Looking For Defenseman

    Yea I believe thats what they said in the article, I don't see any moves being made to be honest, are you guys worried about the defensive crop right now were you think it would be necessary to pull the trigger on a deal?
  9. Wings Looking For Defenseman

    I was thinking the same, and idk if Yandle is really what this team needs, a bonafide forward lol Wonder what the Jets want for Bogosian? and i don't see us biting on bouweester either
  10. Wings Looking For Defenseman What do you guys think?
  11. Red Wings 2013 schedule

    You guys buy this schedule? I swore I read something that said we'd open the season in Detroit vs the Hawks! Hope that is still true what a great way to start the season
  12. Wings give Mike Knuble a tryout

    I dont see a fit either, highly doubt he makes the roster
  13. RUMOR: Wings have made an offer to Carlo Colaiacovo

    Official per MLive, 2years/2.5Per
  14. Ilitch, Chelios to fly to Suter, Holland to fly to Parise

    Detroits offers are in for Suter and Parise according to LeBrun, now we play the waiting game