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  1. I reeeeeally don't like Fowler, if we're gonna get someone and likely overpay it had better be someone other than him.
  2. What thing? the only thing I attached was a tweet that definitely didn't take any photoshop skills to make.
  3. Who is a photoshop designer?
  4. PKs defensive numbers are better as well...
  5. Awesome argument, I assume Kessel is left out of team USA cause he's a much worse player than Callahan and Abdelkader too right?? cause he ain't got that grit...
  6. You'd rather have a guy who is worse in almost every single measurable way?
  7. Weber is so incredibly unreal that all forms of stats prove that he is average at best And no he isn't the best defenseman NSH has ever had, Josi has clearly been better the last couple seasons.
  8. https://twitter.com/DimFilipovic/status/705167749085925376
  9. He scored the most points on the team despite only playing 68games, he was great when he was healthy.
  10. Sadly for you you can't say no, the league is getting faster by the day and Weber is going the opposite way, he's a dinosaur, a dying breed.
  11. Larsson is a solid player but nowhere near the levels of Hall and they really should've gotten much more for him.
  12. You must be thinking of 2009 Weber... Modern hockey is all about possession, quick outlet passes and being mobile, Weber is awful at all of those things and will just get worse every year.
  13. It's not the least bit scary, have you seen his stats? The other team has the puck all the time when he's on the ice. And that's when he played with Josi...
  14. One of the 10 best forwards in the league right now for a borderline 2nd pairing defenseman? absolutely awful trade for EDM.
  15. Old, slow, declining Weber is now going to be the go to guy in every single situation and have to play 25mins a night, it's going to be a trainwreck And they're stuck with that 10year contract to add insult to injury.