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  1. RT @WorldStarFunny: lol

  2. @Buccigross Smith/Rust #bucciovertimechallenge

  3. RT @nick_colletti: nothin like taking hours to bake a cake from scratch n then just ramming ur d piece into the side of it while its still…

  4. @Omar__EZ @Buccigross @Capitals @MapleLeafs penises*

  5. @Buccigross Gunnarsson/Haula #bucciovertimechallenge

  6. @Buccigross Meier/Slepyshev #bucciovertimechallenge

  7. @Buccigross Brouwer/Holzer #bucciovertimechallenge

  8. @Buccigross Wilson/Bjorkstrand #bucciovertimechallenge #BecauseItsTheShirt

  9. RT @garyfromteenmom: she had an ass like john quincy adams

  10. @WorldStarFunny @madelinewideman look at dis boii

  11. RT @WorldStarFunny: me: *has blank expression on my face* my mind:

  12. RT @WorldStarFunny: Douglas is wilding the f*** out lmaoooooooo

  13. RT @WorldStarFunny: When u jamming out to More Life but then a British ****** start rapping on it

  14. RT @garyfromteenmom: choose your fighter

  15. RT @khl_eng: Pavel Datsyuk gets 5+20 mins (game misconduct) for charging. #DYNvsSKA