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  1. RT @WorldStarFunny: my boy just got the cleanest line-up

  2. RT @garyfromteenmom: *in room alone with a baby* wanna get f***ed up

  3. RT @DetroitRedWings:

  4. @taylorHone I wonder who their cartel leader was? ????????????

  5. RT @RealSkipBayless: Well, that's it. The Atlanta Falcons are Super Bowl champions.

  6. RT @WorldStarFunny: I CANT STOP LAUGHING AT THIS ????????

  7. RT @WorldStarFunny: Migos Rapping a children's book over the Bad & Boujee beat ????????????

  8. RT @_Steve_Brule: Buncha dang birds beat up Pracker boys to make it a trip to Sruper Bowls. Frootball is for hunks. #ForYourBirds

  9. RT @Buccigross: Slappy bar west #thinmints from Vanek.

  10. RT @garyfromteenmom: the mucinex guy is lowkey thicc

  11. RT @boburnham:

  12. @Buccigross Greek* damnit

  13. @MikeyMess_ look at that inseam

  14. @garyfromteenmom marry me bih

  15. RT @WorldStarFunny: This kid got stuck in the handrail and everybody came out to take a picture instead of helping ????