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  1. @codylevins No that was on Grindr.

  2. RT @NHL: One last home opener here. #Farewell2TheJoe

  3. @BobbyK12 2 hours left Bob make sure you vote

  4. @SpartanWilliam the fact that he's unwilling to deal any forwards to improve our defense makes me sick

  5. @BobbyK12 What do you love to suck?

  6. @Omar__EZ our defense on the other hand...

  7. RT @barstoolsports: Ken Bone taking a picture with his disposable camera so it lasts forever. Legend #debate

  8. I dwank too much last night and I peed myself in my sleep,

  9. Does anyone want to go on a road trip this summer? Like anywhere. I'll go to Idaho I don't even care.

  10. Stanley just met Damon outside. Not even kidding. I would've taken a pic but I didn't have my phone by me. And Damon was drunk anyways.

  11. Johnny Depp is so funny in Willy Wonka. Honestly so funny. Making me all wet.

  12. Why the f*** do they put Pineapple Express, a movie entirely about weed, on FX and then edit out the word "ass" a thousand times? f***.

  13. In my office, thinking about starting a fight. I'll seriously fightf****** ANYONE.

  14. Guys look at where my right hand is in this pic with Mrs. Forshey: