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  1. 18k actual seats and into the 20s with standing room and suite capacity?
  2. gdt

    that might might the nail in Franzen's coffin.
  3. gdt

    Why does everyone on Boston look 30% stronger than every Wing in any battle/check? edit* Wow, looks like the refs just found their whistles
  4. the unkown soldier - The Doors
  5. knock knock who's there? I ate mop I ate mop who?
  6. 6.1 Office of Commissioner, Election and Term of Office The League shall employ a Commissioner selected by the Board of Governors. The Commissioner shall serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the League and is charged with protecting the integrity of the game of professional hockey and preserving public confidence in the League. The Board of Governors shall determine the term of office and compensation of the Commissioner. The Commissioner shall be elected a majority of the Governors present and voting at a League meeting at which a quorum was present when it was convened
  7. I read that Holland offered filpulla, nyquist, and a first. I believe that was on hockeyyinsiderr's twitter, so take it for what it's worth.
  8. I got 5 on it.
  9. Kenny should tell Homer that he is more than welcome to come back as soon as he convinces Lidstrom to play one more year.
  10. Maybe, but you gotta wonder about a guy with his ability making it this far into free agency. Definitely not a good sign. I personally think the best best thing he could do is sign a I-2yr deal come to Detroit and play his ass off. You gotta think he could put up some huge numbers with dats. Then get that fat contract he wants. He is going to have to prove he is not a cancer if he wants to make the big bucks.
  11. I like semin's ability but his attitude and off ice behaviors have me nervous about committing any serious money to him. One pain in the ass can change the dynamic of the whole locker room. Since he hasn't been signed yet I'm guessing this is a major concern for teams and there is some truth to the rumors.
  12. .......damn.
  13. yannik or shea??
  14. I'd say it's awesome......