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  1. Minnesota was playing well and in playoff picture till injuries ruined there season. They add Suter and Parise..they are legit top 5 in west if healthy. And like its been shown many times all you gotta do is make playoffs and anything can happen.
  2. same guy who also said on July 3rd that Suter had agreed to be a Wing.
  3. We are going to give up alot of goals next year. And get Weber off your mind. He can't sign here cause Nashville will meet and then he's stuck in Nashville without trying to get more money or go to a team of his choice. And no way they trade him to a rival..especially a rival they just beat in playoffs.
  4. This happened Monday too. Parise to Pens and everyone went nuts only to find out it was untrue. Till I see this on espn or NHL network or website I'm holding out hope
  5. And last night it was said along with Suter to Detroit it was Parise to Pens. Now Pens are out...jeez
  6. Despite the former gm Lawton and him being a friend and teammate of Suter's agent..im saying Suter accept the Wings deal today. Go Wings every other team eat sh*t
  7. Shea plays for the Canucks next year IMO. But it would be interesting and probably shock the NHL world to see us offering Weber a RFA instead of waiting for him to be a UFA. And by next year I mean after this coming season...
  8. Parise supposedly said only way he goes to the Wild is if Suter joins him..I wonder if it's possible this Lawton guy mistakened that for Suter to Minny? One can hope!
  9. Espn said decision likely this afternoon for both. Also saw on twitter Parise's girl is pushing for him to play for his home team of the Wild. Couple that with Suter's rumors today..f***. I didn't think or even care about Parise..for me it was all Suter. Looks like there both heading to Minny. Hope im dead wrong
  10. A Wild 4th of July..f this I'm more irritated that people were posting tweets about Suter to Wings and trying to defend his credibility and not even 12 hours later it's this.
  11. A teammate of Suter while at Univ of Wisconsin was also signed by the Wild according to twitter. Man I go to bed seeing Surer to wings and wake to Suter to Wild talk.
  12. This sucks! Googled Suter related tweets and it's blowing up with Suter to Wings stuff. I wanna know damnit lol. Too anxious to sleep
  13. If we get Suter to go along with our additions Sunday. Then maybe add a guy like Semin and another D man for depth I'll be ecstatic with this offseason. And say boldly we could contend for Cup. Can't believe it's possible after Lidstrom retiring but it would be.
  14. Parise is from Minnesota so that could mean he just wants to play for his home team.
  15. Read earlier in this thread and also the twitter account thread that's pinned. He's hit or miss.