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    Optimism, chill people. we have options

    Alright people, If we re-sign Abdelkader that gives us 16 forwards under contract. If we sign Semin ( what do we have to lose ) that gives us 17 forwards under contract..... last time I checked we only dress 12. and we have o wait... almost 17 million dollars in cap space. I firmly believe Parise and Suter both got overpaid today and I'm glad Kenny was wiser than that. Kenny has put a team on the ice that has been the most consistent high performing team in professional sports history over the last 20 years. I think he's knows what's up. I feel our forward situation at this moment has actually improved from last year. We can trade some of our forwards for a D man, sign Semin and still have tons of cap space. We don't need that many forwards and I can guarantee you we won't start the season with that many. There's other variables too ( in my opinion ) - Fil just keeps getting better and getting more confident. He's arrived as one of the better two way players in the league and he's still young. and Nick feels he's a leader. - Brendan Smith's numbers through his very few games last year were spectacular... if you do the math through 82 games we woulda been the 2nd highest plus minus behind White on Defense - Ericsson can have more ice time and run with that ball. - for the price, maybe Brunner will be a surprise... but regardless we haven't lost anything. it's not high risk. - I'm stoked to watch Nyquist develop. We will be able to trade for a D-man, watch some of our guys take larger roles and be a tougher, bigger, stronger team. We got this. How's that for a first post after years of just reading? For the record, I'm a shareholder of the Moose Jaw Warriors in the WHL... Brian Burke took a stud in Morgan Rielly. getting him at 5th was beyond a steal.
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    Optimism, chill people. we have options

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    Optimism, chill people. we have options

    I said I believe our Forward situation has already improved, read closer. And yeah I'm not a leaf fan by any means, but it was a good pick.