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  1. Kris Versteeg Re-signs with Florida

    U kno that's a team I wouldnt ve minded losing suter and praise to I don't think I've evr seen them in the cup finals they need a good player not a good goalie but forwards. They've had good goalies now its time for them to get a run at it id like to see a florida team as good as the wings then me and my uncles can bet on something other than college football. Me I'm a u of m fan they are forida florida state hockey we havnt been able to dispute on because of the wings. Tampa don't count they have my favorite player of all time yzerman as there gm. Again someting the wings should never have lost wish he'd have been are coach after bowman left would've been absolutly a dream come true but babcock ain't bad love what he's done so far.
  2. With cap space to clear, do Flyers become a Wings trade partner?

    Yea even so who r we giving in return nothing is free
  3. We can still win it all THIS season, but...

    That was gospel yo(redwings dad). But drop franzen add miller to abbys line and move sammy t franzens position and it looks a hell of a lot better.
  4. We can still win it all THIS season, but...

    Lmao that's epic
  5. Sheahan/Andersson

    I think miller and abby were great last year just I don't want to say f*** I lost track of wat I was gunna say but anyways.abby was great when we needed to be and miller was like helm when he was out with the injury I swear I remember him having a lot of breakaways and him disrupting the opposing teams offense a lot but I might be wrong. But getting rid of either of those two would be out of the question. Emmerton I'm fine with losing if need be and murzak don't want to lose the later but I have a feeling eaves is gunna have a good year this year so I'm deff sayin if we have to dump or trade keep abby and miller at all cost trade and or dump either and or all franzen, emmerton, murzak, and only if we are getting a great d man or an amazing scorer eaves. But I think abby and millers wings are just gettin traction u kno.
  6. Sheahan/Andersson

    Add a sniper and game over for all teams or even work on their shooting skills and maybe have dat's rub off some of those stick skills and the wings will be unstoppable. But I'm just dreaming with my eyes wide open. As it stands the wings don't look half bad. Not the greatest but crazier s*** has happened right. And I still believe the wings are in the best position chemistry wise to atleast hit the finals this year
  7. Sheahan/Andersson

    I like it but only if they are continuously switchin franzen for miller when franzen becomes frozen u kno I f-en hate how lazy he seemed last year and then doesn't expect to be traded and from wat I seen last year miller had heart that's hard to find nowadays I just hope he gives the same effort this year as he did last year. Plus I'm also pipe dreaming if all hell breaks lose an some how we ever lose howard. We'd be able to get millers brother.(who's a rediculously good goalie) not saying howard isn't one totally hypethetical and a true nightmare the fact of us losing howard.anyways way off track I think miller is good for the wings give him more time and maybe he'd be another helm. If I remember correctly he's as fast as helm isn't he? God I'm to tired to much hartbreak in this off season. But can u imagine two helms one day on the same line. Epic.
  8. Sheahan/Andersson

  9. I tend to have faith that holland has some random trick he holds back till we really need it but wtf holland anytime u want to elieviate us of our anticipation for what ever it is ur planning or how about a mass red wing fan email something. I still think ur the best in the biz but plz give us a wink or a nod in the general direction of where ur taking us and our team. (I say we find his assistant and his secretary and make them tell us) <---totally joking about that yea weber would've been awsome but don't let kenny fool u for sure this guy must have something hidden away.
  10. Doan staying in PHX 4 yrs $21.2 mill

    So wen is he guna deside on Wtf he's going to do
  11. Red Wings make "helluva" offer for Nash, no response

    Lmao so true too funny side splitting.
  12. Semin

    Idk but it'd be intersting to watch.
  13. Semin

    Yea I second both of u I have mixed feelings towards this guy sounds like he could be the next hossa u kno might play might not but short term to prove he's ready for our kind of team great ifhe works out then sign up for full time but make him prove it that should be our selling point to him.
  14. Mike Modano pondering comeback?

    Just sayin it gain wings could get good use out of MODANO, better forth piss ants out there, as long as it is short terms. Wtf else we got to lose sounds to me like holland is waiting till next years free agency anyways.
  15. Semin

    Both of ur videos prove one thing first is he got hit in the head second he's a scorer not affraid to throw a punch. Let me repeat myself so it makes sence he's a scorer I.e. wat the wings need that isn't afrraid to put in the physical aspect of hockey. Maybe you could've chose better clips.