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  1. gdt

    Is Cooper married?
  2. GDT

    What's the deal with Datsyuk on the shootout lately? He used to be absolutly electric to watch, now it's not even worth watching the replay.... I can't remember the last time I saw him deke in the shootout... Frustrating watching a guy with so much talent being so medicore....
  3. GDT

    What's the deal with Datsyuk on the shootout? He has been a shell of his former self in the shootout for the last year, not even trying to deke anymore...
  4. Hello, I just purchased tickets to game 5 (If necessary) Of the Griffins vs. Crunch series.... Being that I have always purchased tickets for sporting events that are actually going to take place I am unaware how being charged for these tickets will work. Am I charged either way, game or no game? Refunded if the game is not necessary? Not charged until after game 4? Thanks for any help!
  5. Way too much gray area! This is why fans get so upset about the inconsistency, there is way to much room for interpretation. I mean really, exactly how far is "a considerable amount of distance"? Personally I think Abby is sitting the next two games because of an "injury", take it out of the conversation and this whole scenario doesn't even play out. It's either a legal hit or it isn't, an injury should have no influence in penalty or the suspension. Tootoo made what was essentially the same hit early this season resulting in no injury. They played on and the hit was old news by the end of the night..
  6. Hasek on Gaborik...
  7. No. sorry, but when you look at who is hanging in the rafters at the Joe, I just don't see how he belongs...
  8. Jessica was actually a Michigan native and was born in lansing. http://www.wilx.com/home/headlines/Lansing-Native-Killed-in-Colorado-Shootings-163355956.html Such a tragedy to see so many innocent lives damaged and so many families suffer..
  9. I would have to agree with the OP... The Wild is a team that hasn't made the playoffs for 4 years and finished under .500 last season.. Sorry, but these two players are not going to turn this team into stanley Cup champions. They MIGHT make the playoffs, but they won't go deep...
  10. Id rather see Franzen go over Flippula, I just have that feeling the Val is right on that edge of becoming a the standout player that we need him to be...
  11. I have to admit the idea of Bobby Ryan in a Red Wing jersey makes me drool a little bit, but I think Yandle is the better option....