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  1. I'd like to see the "D" on the present uniform as an alternate or stadium series sweater.
  2. GDT

    Let's go Red Wings!!!
  3. Blash needs to raise immortal hell, players take entirely too many liberties against this team with zero consequences. Our goalies can get bowled over and the goal will stand, knees in the head, illegal hits, star players intentionally targeted and injured. Our heavy hitters are afraid to use their bodies out of fear a suspension will ensue if they do. It's bulls***.
  4. I laughed. The clavicle is not a bad injury healing wise, mine was only problematic because I put off surgery and it healed back wrong requiring a bone graft.
  5. This ^ We need an intense, hulking, maniac since Kronwall stopped hitting people.
  6. Nice to see Datsyuk wearing a contact jersey.
  7. ^ This
  8. Ouch, just got home and saw the score... Glad I missed this one. At least Montreal was knocked of their high horse.
  9. gdt

    Too broke to bet, but I have a hunch it'll be Howard vs. Carolina and Mrazek back to back vs. Ottawa.
  10. gdt

    I'm not been a huge fan but you have to admit that was a slick goal tonight. I was reading the game recap and it mentioned "We had a talk in here about losing four in a row and we gotta go out there and win some battles," Nyqvist said. "I think that was the biggest thing. We skated hard, we out-battled them and won more pucks and wanted it more, and I thought that showed in the third." I don't understand why it gets to that point before the team gets motivated. It's not lack of talent, it's not coaching. Blash might be new to the NHL but he's certainly not new to coaching. Hopefully tonight will mark a turnaround, we've all saw losing streaks before and I panic just as much as anyone else.
  11. gdt

    Now both locker rooms will be trashed
  12. gdt

  13. gdt

    Yes!!! Trash that locker room
  14. gdt

    Trash the locker room and make Patrick Roy look stable.
  15. gdt

    I love this team with the heart of me, but man they piss me off sometimes.