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  1. Who is your favorite player from a team besides the Wings?

    Teemu Selanne. Great longevity and a backhand that goalies see in their nightmares. Incredible skills and playing at a high level past 40.
  2. Top 2013 UFA's

    Very true. I think Hollands seeming lack of action is just him being cautious not to empty the coffers and keep us out of the free agent frenzy next offseason. That being said. Lets still go ahead and get Semin......
  3. Does Babcock walk?

    The Wings always look like they're about to take a downturn but have found a way to develope people i their system (Such as Datsyuk). Holland has always had a way of filling holes through free agency to take those young players over the top. Nyquist and Smith both look like they're going to do well and Helm and Abdelkader are starting to come into their own. If Pav, Z and Franzen can bounce back from an off season and Fippula build on his output last year we will be fine for years to come. Adding some firepower especially from the blue line would be nice but barring rampant injuries the Wings will be fine this year.
  4. Could trade rumors spark Franzen?

    I don't think anyone except for Fippula or Hudler stood up to or surpassed expectations last year. Z, Pav and Franzen need to step it up. It looks like our D might be suspect this year so we're going to need to put some pucks in the net.
  5. Red Wings Sign Jordin Tootoo to 3-yr deal, $1.9M/yr

    It's true that Tootoo likes to punch people in the face. However, a lot of stupid PIMs come with this guy. If they can teach him to be more disciplined and do well for us on the PK it'll be worth it because our PK was suspect at times. Especially when Helm got hurt.