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  1. gdt

    Abs vs skinner. Rare situation where id take abs in a fight
  2. GDT

    Lmao dat backhand
  3. GDT

    Nvm he's rich AF
  4. GDT

    Poor babs
  5. GDT

    In the Words of scott hartnell, Suck it phaneuf
  6. GDT

    I hate jurco on the 4th line. Last year kindl looked really good at times. Unproductive day at work? I've been day dreaming about this game for a week!
  7. Hope the rangers score early
  8. GDT

    I love richards and tatar together, throw larkin on there. Ooooo mmyy gaawwddd
  9. Line 3 will dominate
  10. Richards is our enforcer
  11. Well I did hate pk. But now I guess I only hate him on the ice. Good job pk.
  12. I see cleary is on the griffins team. Let the mentoring begin.
  13. Playing games only here and there helps him stay fresh and his legs not worn down. I think he will do good in the games he does play, but I don't think he will come close to 70 games played. Him as a player coach will be a nice asset for the griffins
  14. He will probably be mostly a healthy scratch play in GR and just help out the kids there. His legs probably wont let him play a lot of games.
  15. We should have planted drugs on weiss