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  1. Here is a short article about the interview: Unfortunately, I couldn't find the audio.
  2. This says to me that the Wing's defense and goal tending has been good overall....It's the offense that has been lacking. I think about the Kings last year. Overall, good defense and goal tending but couldn't score. Come playoff time, their defense continued to play well but they were able to get timely goals to win tight games.
  3. Thats EXACTLY what I was thinking. Cleary went full speed into the corner instead of pulling up and giving himself a good shooting angle...
  4. I don't necessarily like the logo & city combo on the front but the rest of the jersey looks great to me.
  5.'s headline is "Blade Brunner"
  6. Z's Hat-trick & game highlights
  7. Voted white at home. I agree red is more intimidating on the road
  8. That thread is from 2006 I don't know the ins-and-outs of the cba negotiations, but do you think a shortened season would be beneficial to the wings? Around the 60 game mark last season, DET was #1 in the NHL :]
  9. Mike Richards Seguin Laich