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  1. top 3 pick right now
  2. does Coreau have to pass through waives now though?
  3. now lets stop playing s***ty guys and roll with the young guys Green DD XO Jensen Smith Sproul
  4. i think Marchy will get claimed but i have no idea by who im sick of ericsson i really hope Jensen pans out Oullete is higher on my accepted list than Marchy so i dont mind so much
  5. how on earth could you come to that conclusion?
  6. RT @IAmJericho: I am the #61MinuteMan... #royalrumble2017 @ San Antonio, Texas

  7. there is no way we can get isles to part with Tavares unless we are talking a return of Larkin or Mantha in a deal
  8. Who takes it this year? i think our divison should have chose Pacific over Metro and have Central vs Metro first but whatever what do you guys think?
  9. id have perfered AA or Mantha in the ALLStar could you imagine AA Skating comp?
  10. pavs was great i think the team is effected by more than just not having him though its all around lack of talent on D and lackluster play by alot of our guys
  11. just got out myself i like the idea
  12. headin to work but keeping in touch .............
  13. any news on Jimmy