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  1. only francios bulls***man or hartnell for me
  2. think jordan will be like big brother
  3. i makes me sick to know when i looked at the po layout this year the only team that stood out was the ******* pens i knew they would get here and i know its not over yet but the only team i though might upset them is was and it didnt happend i cant stand thinking they will win the cup again my brother moved to pa earlier this year with my sister in law and mother and he has been rubbing it in even though his a ******* bandwagoner and doesnt know the sport his pissing me off lol
  4. both west andeast our evenly matched both series can go to game 7
  5. ugh knew it wouldnt be easy for nash
  6. it will be pens repeating no one is better sadly i cant even see preds
  7. o me too buddy i remember being heartbrokn and i hated that year in general
  8. preds are coming out of the west i say its nash vs pit final pens sadly win in 6
  9. there is no might they will there is no other team that will take them down im all for the preds but they wont take them
  10. noone they beat the caps their repeating
  11. get your bag ready
  12. pens in 6
  13. sadly do you see any of these teams beating Pittsburgh
  14. uh huh this but to be honest it was 3-1 but still
  15. i fn love it