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  1. 3/20 GDT : Wild 4 at Red Wings 2

    In my defense though, I did make one note about the game. You all seem to think that Minnesota plays the neutral zone trap (ala Dave Tippit in PHO) but I was able to set you straight (as someone who watches every Wild game) and inform you that it is actually a 1-2-2 system that Yeo runs. It just looked like a trap to you because most of your 38 shots came from outside the dots and Backstrom smothered anything that wasn't. I do have a question though.. It seems to me that Nyquist was one of your better forwards last night and he is apparently your organizations best prospect. He's been in the minors for some time now, why is he not a main stay in your lineup? Is Justin Abdelkator really better than him or did he run over Babcock's dog or something? Are you saying the score of the game effected Datsyuk's play? Im confused.
  2. 3/20 GDT : Wild 4 at Red Wings 2

    Ahhh that was a fun game to watch. Usually I hate to say I told you so to people but man.. I really nailed it on the head with the Parise/Suter signings and I think that based on what I saw from Detroit tonight, I was right about the western conf. playoff picture not including the motor city. I also should point out that the Wild don't play the trap (1-3-1) they play the 1-2-2. Same as most teams in the league. We are just very good at limiting a teams quality chances. Even if the refs got that call wrong, which I am not entirely sure Millers stick doesn't make contact with the puck as I was not on the ice and couldn't see what the ref saw, Backy gave it back to Miller there at the end. That was generous of him right?
  3. 1/19: Red Wings 0 at St. Louis Blues 6

    Looks like it could be a long shortened season for y'all. And apparently CBJ is at least on par with Nashville so that's no longer a gimmie game... Then you have Dallas and Minnesota in a row.. They better figure it out pretty quick if playoffs are going to be remotely possible. Tough draw to start out with though. Probably one of the top 2 teams in the entire conference on the road is not a favorable matchup. Should be interesting to see where your season goes from here.
  4. Hahaha. This actually makes me laugh! I agree with Axe's post. Not a good offseason.
  5. I had to laugh a little bit here. Of all my posts I've ever made here, this one was pretty tame. Ironic! All I said was Kronwall isn't fit to be a #1 defenseman at least not on a good defensive team. It's also ironic that you go on a rant about me apparently knowing nothing about hockey and here you're post has nothing to even do with hockey except for one or two sentences where you make broad statements. The point is, Kronwall is a 35 point defenseman while playing behind Nicklas Lidstrom. He proved that. But now Lidstrom is gone. Stuart is gone. Kronwall has been anointed #1 honors and is being forced into a roll he's never had to play in his NHL career. So let's see what he can do playing against the best of the best (like Suter has). If you're a realistic fan, you would have concerns too. Suter played top line minutes. Kronwall did not. Prove me wrong.
  6. All while playing against lesser competition because some guy named Lidstrom was playing against other teams' best. Let's see what he can do when he is THE #1 guy and there aren't any hall of famers in front of him. He is good. Not great. Not a #1, not on a good defensive team. That's the point Axe was making and I agree.
  7. Their defense was ranked that high because they were the ones playing out of their minds. Just take a look at the playoffs... Jonathan Quick stole several games even though his defense wasn't playing that well. Nobody is saying Howard is bad, just that he's not elite like a lot of people try and say he is. His numbers don't compare to goaltenders who are considered elite and are in the Vezina conversation.