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  1. ehorn3

  2. Vancouver Sun article on why no one hates the Wings

    Kelly Chase, Tony Twist, Backes, nickol, jackman just to name a few. these guys hate the wings. Being from st. louis I have relatives that run into or know these guys pretty well. The blues alumni love jackman for his aggressive play against the wings and his hatred for them. I get crap for wearing my wings shirts all the time. During game days against the Red Wings the local ESPN radio show calls it "Punch a Wings fan in the face day". I get a lot of crap for wearing Wings socks in pick up games. fans around here just do not like anything to do with the wings. Some places that I play I can't even wear anything Red Wings without getting cheap shots or just completely ignored on the ice. There is a lot of hatred and will only get worse if the new playoff format is approved. The good thing is that when going to blues vs Red Wings games if you are respectful and knowledgable the blues fans leave you alone or will have a decent conversation with you. Rarely have I ever had a problem going to the games, gentle ribbing every once in a while.
  3. 12/6 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Blues 3

    It is "Punch a Red Wings fan in the face day" here in st. louis. I wear my Lids jersey to try to tempt blues fans. This was started by a radio station a while back, the announcer hates the Wings.
  4. Wings to host NHL Winter Classic within next 2 years

    just fixed it thanks, didn't even notice
  5. Wings to host NHL Winter Classic within next 2 years

    I don't care where it's played I'll be there. As far as the opponet I think Avs, Pens, Bruins, Blues (if we are still in the West). I am a bit bias towards the blues because I'd have some buddies who would make the trip with me to watch the game.
  6. WCSF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Sharks 3

    I was sitting at work on tuesday reading the board and seeing that tickets were only $100. I started looking immediately for flights to detroit to make it there and back and not miss work since i have little vacation time from work left. the flight schedules did not work in my favor so i had to stay in st louis and watch the game. it was so disappointing not being able to go to the game, but loved game 6 anyway. I'm an odd man out in St. Louis, everyone hates the wings here.............. and they should
  7. 12/23 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Blues 4

    going to the game with some of my friends who had extra tickets. don't know why they invited me when they know i'm a huge wings fan. got my Lids CCM A jersey all ready. every time i go to a blues wings game there is a decent showing of wings fans which is good to see.
  8. 11/17 GDT: Blues 3 at Red Wings 7

    at least you don't have blues announcers, these guys are clueless sometimes. thank god they hired panger last year. i've had to watch these games on mute sometimes.
  9. 11/17 GDT: Blues 3 at Red Wings 7

    i live in st louis, so i hate losing to the blues. wore my Lidstrom jersey to work and have my zetterberg, 2 yzerman, shanny, feds, and practice jersey hanging in my sports room. can't wait for this game, we need a win for my sake.
  10. 1000 post for a stanley cup finals game 2 victory

    Am I too late, just got internet up and running at my new house and had to put all of my Wings stuff up in my man cave.
  11. Nickname for Helm!

    How about Freddy? since the whole nightmare on Helm Street
  12. WCF GAME 5: Blackhawks 1 at Red Wings 2 (OT)

  13. Who should it be on the DH? line?

    I'm pretty sure that a lot of people were saying earlier this year that Dats is our best player because he can play with anyone. He will break out people, he's playing great d and the other teams best defensive players are always out there against him. Have some patience it's only a matter of time, and if he doesn't start putting up the offensive numbers I can live with the other lines producing. It won't matter who we put with Dats the other teams top defenders will be out there.
  14. Young captain Toews leads Blackhawks

    I for some reason can't bring myself to hate Toews. If he scores the series winning goal then I think I might be able to turn up the hate, but the guy is a hell of a player
  15. Ducks GM Bob Murray accused of cross-checking fan

    It was determined that she had her head down and was admiring her pass, good old Bob was just finishing his check. The league reviewed the play and thought a summer suspension will be long enough