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  1. Actions taken against Windsor Spitfires.

    Kitchener too, I'm sure most teams do it on a small scale but those are the teams paying the huge bucks to bring in the star players.
  2. Actions taken against Windsor Spitfires.

    Unless their championships are forfeited I think the league failed in this situation, and the Spitfires get away with it. Three 1st round picks, two 2nds, and $400,000 (which is chump change for the owner I'm sure) is well worth it to turn one of the worst teams in to back-to-back memorial cup champions and create huge media attention through the championships/star players, which I'm sure in turn made them a lot more than the $400,000. I guarantee you they would do it all over again if they had a chance.
  3. Winter Classic ticket e-mail codes sent out, purchase available

    Same here unless I choose 1 ticket. So I guess the GLI is sold out? Makes sense considering Comerica Park is less than half the size of the big house in attendance. Maybe we'll have to buy AHL/OHL tickets now. Hope they get it all figred out tomorrow cause my purchase time slot ends saturday.
  4. Winter Classic ticket e-mail codes sent out, purchase available

    Wow, congrats. Those are great seats, on the shoot twice side not too far and the higher up the better for those seats. Curios how you got them. Do you choose by section or price? How does that work? They previously said you'd get 2 packages max, I hate this, a bunch of scalpers are just going to buy 4 when they don't need that many just to resell, leaves out tickets for us who actually want to go.