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  1. Operation Dumbo Drop.

    Hey guys I haven't seen any activity on here in a while and this is actually my first post. But, I wanted to say that I was able to buy 4 tickets to the Winter Classic and 4 tickets to the GLI for my wife and I. The other 2 tickets for the GLI are already spoken for, but I am looking for someone to buy my other 2 tickets to the Winter Classic. Don't know what others are seeing through Ticketmaster when they buy their's, but here is what it cost me: 2013 NHL Winter Classic 01/01/13 Section 30, Row 83 Seat 28 Season Ticket Offer US $169.00 Seat 29 Season Ticket Offer US $169.00 Seat 30 Season Ticket Offer US $169.00 Seat 31 Season Ticket Offer US $169.00 Great Lakes Invitational 12/27/12 Section 341, Row 3 Seat 8 Season Ticket Offer US $38.00 Seat 9 Season Ticket Offer US $38.00 Seat 10 Season Ticket Offer US $38.00 Seat 11 Season Ticket Offer US $38.00 At first, I was like "hey, not bad pricing", but then upon checkout I am hit with the $80/ticket for a "service fee" through Ticketmaster. Kind of pissed me off, but it's the Winter Classic!! So basically, I am selling 2 Winter Classic tickets for $250 each. Let me know if you would like them. Ticketmaster says I will receive the tickets on or around December 1st. You can pay a deposit on them until you can see real pictures of the actual tickets when I get them in the mail. Thanks and have a good night! P.S. You have to email me a picture of your Red Wings jersey before you can buy them, I'm not sitting next to some Leafs fans...