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    I am new to the forum and I am actually a Leaf fan so I came over to see what the talk is here about Gus (Gustavson). Also, I'm a Leaf fan but I'm not one of those fans that doesn't appreciate other good teams - like the Wings obviously - and, also, I've been a hockey fan for over 40 years - played some hockey growing up - and a long time ago I was actually a Wings fan - back when I lived on the prairies. My handle is Crozer as in Roger Crozier who was one of my favorite players back in the days. I was a fan of the Wings for many many years - long before Stevie Y came along and long before the new era so to speak. Anyways, I didn't introduce myself in the intro forum if there is one - I didn't check it out sorry. AGain, I dropped in to see what is being said about Gus. I actually have been reading this forum for a few months (on and off) because I was curious what was being talked about on a winning team's forum and if there is quite a bit less, hmm, frustration and the rest.