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  1. Any NHL'ers from your home town?

    Just like it says whos' from your home town?. I'm from Thunder Bay ontario which for such a small town there are tons of players from here. During the Summer months these guys skate together- The Staal brothers,Patrick Sharp,Tom and Taylor Pyatt, Alex Auld, Trevor Letowski those are some of the bigger names and now there's a bunch of up and comers. I actually had an invite to play with these guys last summer but couldn't make it could of been an unreal experience. One of my best friends growing uncle is actually Alex Delvecchio. He's from Port Arthur now known as Thunder bay as well as my little league baseball coach was Lou Marcon and my father works with Steve Black both guys played with Gordie Howe. Anyways lets here some of your guys stories.
  2. IF there is a lockout, where will our players likely end up?

    The last lockout i played against Eric Staal in Stanley. He won rookie of the year lol it wasn't even fair.