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  1. Then its just poor mans bruschetta
  2. Is there cheese on the crazy bread? If there is then yes
  3. Ya but watch his freak out montage on YouTube. That's the kind gritty play style we need.
  4. I dunno were used to it I guess. We make more money but live a similar lifestyle cause the taxes make up the difference.
  5. Every time I see this thread I think it says nicholas cage
  6. Its not "Canadians" its all the Italian immigrants in windsor. I myself am Italian Canadian and I think I know a thing or two about pizza. Yes. No way around it, its mandatory now, doubles the tax and the price of the pizza too. And just like trudeau it doesn't add anything good to the pizza. Also I've heard it has turned some people liberal.
  7. Want good pizza? Come over to windsor. We have some of the best pizza around
  8. I'm confused I thought Howard had better stats than bishop. I guess I was wrong
  9. When the goalie equipment gets smaller next season bishop will be exposed
  10. Holtby had every right to play the puck there so no fault on him. Crosby should know better by now
  11. Minor details...
  12. Leftwinger instead of burning all your jerseys you should burn all bills were I mean jonas' threads haha
  13. Lol Its the year of the underdogs
  14. Caps in 5. Screw the haters