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  1. Yet they've scored 2 or more goals in all but 1 game so far...
  2. Why are you always so cynical? you really think Holland wouldn't want to free up $5.3 in cap space? you can hate on the moves he makes all you want, but to be that naive about something like that is crazy.
  3. I'll be at the game tonight, go wings!!! first game of the season for me of at least 4
  4. Agreed
  5. Ericsson *only* has 17 pim, not 59, unless that was a joke lol
  6. Because of kickazz
  7. Why kickazz, why?
  8. Vanek!!! Holy crap this guy is gonna pay off big !!!
  9. Can't believe its finally here!!! Also, larkin got the most shots for Tampa and Detroit last year lol.
  10. Pull and frk got picked up cause it costs teams nothing. They are young and have some potential so teams put in a claim because why not. They weren't going to give us a bag of pucks for them, but for free, hey why not. Guys get claimed off waivers every year. It's not superstars getting put on waivers. They way some people act it's like larkin was on waivers or something.
  11. Euro_Twins

  12. You just didn't know how to do it before than. Should have asked me, I would have assisted you The only issue I've really noticed on mobile is your top stretches past the edge of the site making it so I have to side scroll when I open the menu up.
  13. Love the updates. Awesome job Matt! Thank you so much for all the hard work