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  1. Patrick Eaves diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome

    Patty eaves, the most unlucky guy in the nhl
  2. Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

  3. Ryan Sproul traded for Matt Puempel

    Still better option than Ericsson
  4. Sheahan and a 5th for Wilson and a 3rd

    Bye bye riley! Hello AA!
  5. Tatar Re-Signs 4 Years $21.2M ($5.3M AAV)

    So basically he only scores if we bash him for not scoring? Sheahan should visit too than lol. Tatar now has 3 goals, 4 points in his last 3 games.
  6. Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    Point is he should have taken one of the 2 deals offered before the season started, instead of being a spoiled brat.
  7. Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    I'm sure they forced him to. Also I'm sure there was a huge lineup
  8. How's the LCA

    And his wife hates him lol
  9. All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

    I'd rather tank this season to get dahlin or svech 2
  10. Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    Exactly if he had just taken a 1 or 2 year deal like he was offered he could still be a millionaire at 23. Then in a couple years he could get a huge pay raise if he works his ads off, for loyalty it would probably be even more than we'd like. Now he is practicing in Switzerland, not playing for anyone, not making ANY money, Holland called his bluff, and he's the one suffering and hurting his nhl career.
  11. 10/18 GDT - Red Wings at Maple Leafs - 7:30 PM EST

    Less than mediocre team is first place in the league. If you're talking about Toronto that is. If you're talking about detroit they did not look terrific
  12. Tatar Re-Signs 4 Years $21.2M ($5.3M AAV)

    He has literally started off every season like this. People are still surprised? 15 games in and he'll be on fire
  13. 10/18 GDT - Red Wings at Maple Leafs - 7:30 PM EST

    That's pretty inaccurate. Lets shift back to hockey though before we get in trouble
  14. 10/18 GDT - Red Wings at Maple Leafs - 7:30 PM EST

    Ya now we can vote him out in 2019. Assuming Toronto wants to... Ugh
  15. 10/18 GDT - Red Wings at Maple Leafs - 7:30 PM EST

    Weed is supposed to be legal across Canada in 2018. Of course the ontario government is going to make sure the black market thrives still by only letting government run stores sell it.