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  1. Thanks for all your guys help! Amazing!. With yours help I think I did a good job in my pesentation. outline: hook:mysely hockey experience red wings' history from 1926 zenith of RedWings Yzersman era With help of Russian five Lidstorm era Forward Datsyuk Something about Windsor and Detroit I got 90 marks of total 100. I' m a member of yours now.Really appreciate all yours help!
  2. It's really a good point,Thanks! But I want pay attention to Wings more, not China.Thanks.
  3. ... My favorite basketball team is Denver.So I have special feeling with Colorado.But in hockey,Wings is my team.
  4. Well well well, Most of Chinese don't like hockey. If some of us go back 20 yeas ago and play hockey at that time, Perhaps it work. You can wait for my son to be next Lidstrom.=) And thanks for your help..
  5. I will see more games about him. Many thanks
  6. Thank you, it's very useful.
  7. Thanks for all your guys! You guys so nice~ It's a good edification for me.
  8. Many thx.When I was a child in about 1995 I heard RedWings from TV. Then china 's TV stop play hockey.
  9. I'm a international student from china.My hometown also have a best hockey team of china.I'm going to have a presentation about sport.As Im a student in Windsor, I chose Redwings without thinking.But I only have some basic info. I know Yzerman, Fedorov, Shanahan, But they all retired. Who is the core of Redwings now? Who's the best forward and defenseman? Any interesting stuff about RedWings? Plz tell me. Thank you&谢谢