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  1. NHL Fan Lockout Pledge

    Hey folks. After 48 hours of hope, it looks like both sides may remain entrenched. Its hard to believe, but I think both sides still think they can play this game wihtout losing fans or revenues. I think fans need to send them a message by getting involved in the many sites that are cropping up for fans like NHLFanBoycott and the NHLFansArmy or some of the twitter movememnts like NHLFanBoycott and NHLFanBoycott1. Maybe it won;t make a difference, but if enough fans ovoice their explicit plans to financially punish the NHL/NHLPA if they dont get it done, maybe it will ramp up the pressure to deal (and hlep avoid lockouts again the future). So this is my plea to fans to get involved and send a message in soem way to the league ... and it need to be in the only lanugage these sides seem to understand right now - $$$$. It can be as simple as tweetign yoru favorite players or gviing feedbakc to your favorite teams front office. But Pledge to make the sides pay $$$ if they dont get it done.