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  1. So the consensus on Shanny's #14 is a no?

    Yes. Fedorov before Shanny and Fedorov will never make it.
  2. Players We've Traded Away

    Yep, was definitely Garpenlov. My mistake.
  3. Players We've Traded Away

    Is it on Youtube? I'd love to watch that. In my circle of friends, we called Primeau "Lumpy." Not exactly sure why but it seemed to fit.
  4. Players We've Traded Away

    Didn't Djoos score 4-5 goals IN ONE GAME against the North Stars once? I loved it when Primeau got traded. LOVED it. I guess I never got over the fact that we didn't take Jagr because of Petr Klima's troubles. When I think of Primeau on the ice, he's butt is wet from falling down so often trying to unsuccessfully split the defense. Off the ice, I can't forget the grown man COLLECTED MICKEY MOUSE FIGURINES. Hated seeing Chiasson go too. I still fondly can hear, "Chaisson with a drive!" coming over my radio.
  5. Question about Buying out Samuelsson

    That series against Colorado was heartbreaking. The Wings started off 2-0 and returned home only to lose the next 4 games. In game 6 at the Joe, I remember the crowd standing for a good portion of the game, cheering their team for a magnificent run.
  6. Brunner Contract Talks

    You're conveniently overlooking the two consecutive seasons ('87 & '88) in which the Wings played Edmonton in the Campbell (Western) Conference Finals.
  7. is anyone happy right now?

    If anyone on the Wings is expendable, it's "Emdog."
  8. Brunner Contract Talks

    Bull. Bandwagon fans follow a team when they're winning championships or close to it, not when they're losing in the 1st and 2nd round year after year and enduring lockouts/strikes.
  9. is anyone happy right now?

    Z is the epitome of what an NHL captain should be. He is worth every cent of his contract and will be of great value every year for numerous reasons. This season alone he nearly singlehandedly willed the Wings into the playoffs. He said that the playoff streak wouldn't end under his watch and it didn't. I trust him going forward too. Furthermore, the Wings applauded the crowd after every home game. Nice touch. Many players also went out of their way to thank FSD after the Anaheim series for their broadcasts this past season. Another nice gesture. Why did the team behave this way? Because of Z's leadership. For years he has proven to be a highly skilled, two way player who gives his all every game. After this season, he has also demonstrated himself to be a classy captain. I, for one, am glad the Wings will have this amazing player on the team for the duration of his contract. He's an All-Star and a great ambassador for the organization.
  10. is anyone happy right now?

    Happy? No. Intrigued? Yes. I don't know enough about Weiss to form much of an opinion. It sounds as if it's a wash between him and Fil. Not sure I understand that except for the "change of scenery" argument. As for Alfie (gawd, why do so many hockey players have childish nicknames?), it sounds as if he's got something to prove. He's a long-time vet and wants to win a Cup. Obviously he didn't think that was going to happen in Ott. For me, though, the big question is, "Am I concerned about losing Brunner?" Answer: HELL YES. Brunner is fun to watch. The kid has a huge smile and plays with an infectious enthusiasm. He seems so happy to be playing in the NHL. I really hope he re-signs with Detroit.
  11. The Overreaction Thread

    Irony: the guy who repeats a cliche yet claims to be using "rational thought." Good one. Popping onto an internet spots forums and spouting off "Red Wings fans are spoiled" *is* lazy and that's why it's thoughtless. Moreover, it adds nothing to the conversation. It's a damn cliche. The sheep says, "Red Wings fans are spoiled -- baaaaah!" Why? Because it doesn't consider the fact that MOST fans of all teams/sports behave the same supposedly spoiled way. Want proof? Visit a Lions' forum. The fans there rant and rave about their team and its management, yet the Lions have done anything BUT spoil their fans.
  12. Wings buy out Colaiacovo, will keep Bertuzzi

    Justifies? Not necessarily. But it's certainly understandable in the real world.
  13. The Overreaction Thread

    When the Wings were up 3-1, I was as hopeful as anyone. I was thrilled with the Wings' performance, pleased that they made the playoffs a 22nd year straight and had already beaten the Ducks. But when a team loses in seven games after being up 3-1, they deserved to lose and were beaten by the better team. Maybe you aren't old enough to remember the Wings losing to St. Louis in 91 in 7 games. The young Wings were up 3-1 in that series as underdogs and eventually lost. Moreover, they had no business being up 3-1 in that series. St. Louis had 105 pts. that season, the Wings an under .500 76 pts. Or consider the next season when the Wings came back against Minnesota after a 3-1 deficit. "Pretty much goal," Fedorov said about an overtime winner. The North Stars didn't deserve to win that series and they didn't. Minny's point total that year? 70 to Det's 98. Again, the better team won. These examples of underdogs losing in 7 games can probably be attributed to good teams playing down to the level of their competition more than anything. Did the Wings give Chicago a good series this year? Absolutely. But when the Hawks finally got their collective heads out of their collective butts, they turned it on and won, no matter how close the final score was. Chicago beat Detroit when they had to, just like St. Louis did to the Wings in 91 and the Wings did to Minny in 92. So while this year's playoff run was, I think most could agree, a fun and improbable ride, it ended when it should have, against the team that beat us every time in the regular season. The games were close but the outcome really wasn't. Guess I ASSumed MidMichSteve was supporting my post, but I see your point. If he wasn't agreeing with me, he's wrong. Sheep don't criticize. Fans do, can, and have every right to do so.
  14. Wings buy out Colaiacovo, will keep Bertuzzi

    The guy can't help he got injured. Besides, no one thinks, "Gosh, the Wings singed me to a multi-year contract, but I got hurt the first year. I suppose I should just give up on the whole contract. Boo hoo."
  15. Wings buy out Colaiacovo, will keep Bertuzzi

    First, I want Sammy bought out as much as anyone. That said, if I were Samuelsson, I would do everything in my power to avoid that fate. I think most everyone would.