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  1. Bill Brasky?
  2. Stan Bowman writing a book on how to f*** up a team in 10 days.
  3. YESSSSSS. The Q is so pissed he walked out of the coach's meeting.
  4. Stepan and Raanta to the Yotes for Deangelo and the 7th overall. Holy s*** it's all happening now!
  5. I had no idea. That's insane!
  6. Sounds like Barroway is on a bit of a power trip canning everyone and Tippett wanted no part of that.
  7. We need everyone to be two way forwards with a boring game. That's they key to a championship man!
  8. Jesus, that's a lot. He better be real close to a sure thing if you're giving up that.
  9. I wish this team would quit requiring every single player to be a 2 way forward. For a decent amount of the season Mantha was the best player on the ice.
  10. You wouldn't want Hischier or Patrick? Then you potentially have your 1 and 2 centers for the future in one of them and Larkin and can keep AA on the wing. Trade Tatar or Nyquist a prospect and a pick for a Dman.
  11. Kenny needs to figure out a way to get that 3rd overall if this is true.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me if it was next year.
  13. From what I've heard from my cousin who lives in Phoenix, the Gila River Arena is a pain in the ass for most in the metro area to get to, especially to games on week nights because of rush hour. I think they'd have better numbers if they were in a more central location, and you know, not a dumpster team.
  14. If they can get that Foo kid maybe that'd make Tatar or Nyquist (preferrably Nyquist) expendable.
  15. Maybe Vegas planned on taking a forward they wanted to keep?