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  1. Yeah I don't see his diving impacting that at all. Whatever the minimum amount of time it is, that's when. Hell, Pronger isn't even officially retired and he's in already, might as well just put him in now.
  2. My god...that last one is absolutely pathetic.
  3. He can't wear that number! Who does he think he is?!
  4. I always lived far away from Detroit except a few years ago I unfortunately had to move to Ohio for 7 months for work. Took that opportunity to make it to one game in Detroit while I was there, and our tool rep on site got us free tickets. My experience was amazing, had chills the whole time and it's something I'll never forget (especially those nasty outdated bathrooms!).
  5. Really wish someone would punch his face in. Between this, the O'Reilly nut shot, and the two meetings he had with Mantha this year, he has show he really hasn't "grown up".
  6. Especially when it came to him and Miller. Sucked to see him leave.
  7. ^^ Does this guy know how to party or what?
  8. $30 lol wow. That'd be nice.
  9. I thought they sent him back down last night?
  10. From what I saw of Mittlestadt this weekend, no thanks. Didn't stand out against his peers at all, looked invisible at times even, and got knocked off the puck pretty easily.
  11. Blue Moon at a Monster Truck event? Bold move. Hopefully all those busch light boys were nice to you!
  12. So like when he picked Cholowski? Wasn't he rated like a late 2nd round pick?
  13. There's a couple good kids on his team but yeah it just seemed Eden Prairie didn't play very well as a team, just a group of talented individuals. However, I've been following Hermantown closely and they just won the class A championship going into OT twice and 2OT for the championship and they have a 6'3" defenseman named Dylan Samberg playing at UM-Duluth next year and wow is he impressive. Logged a ton of minutes, physical, smooth skater, plays the puck really well, and scored their game winning goal. He'd be a good player I hope the Wings would at least keep their eye on. I believe he had 12 shots in the championship game.
  14. Well Eden Prairie lost tonight so they'll be playing the 3rd place game which won't be on tv tomorrow. One thing about Middlestadt tonight was he won just about every faceoff he took. He looked faster tonight but was easily knocked off the puck. Grand Rapids did a good job of making him disappear, and when the puck was in his own zone he was often the last player to appear in the picture. He had a few really good passes, but on the PK also tipped a cross ice pass through the low slot right into his own net. He looks like an player but I donno about a top 10 pick. He doesn't dominate his competition like I'd expect from someone who was asked to skip their senior year to play D1 or anything like that. But that's from my small sample size. For what it's worth Grand Rapids is also a pretty awesome team, and each forward on their top line has around 55 points, one of them over 60 and their 6'4" goalie was phenomenal all night.
  15. Definitely not the style of play here. IMO Northern teams have always been more physical, but that's seemed to have evened out lately. The game is at 8 CT tonight, I'll keep ya updated.