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  1. I feel like the only reason it doesn't work is because they get stuck with two guys that have been offensive suck holes (Miller, Glendening, Cleary, Weiss, etc.). Sticking a young guy with no help doesn't help their production. I agree I'd like to see him top six though. Sheahan doesn't belong there.
  2. I'll take 1 Doughty with a Toffoli on the side please
  3. The one time I was lucky enough to go there this was my exact thought.
  4. Clendening/Glendening is already getting confusing
  5. I agree. Every time I see him start I just get a bad feeling that it means chalking it up as a loss.
  6. Worked for me on NHL 16
  7. So does this mean he will be assigned to the Griffins now?
  8. My favorite!!
  9. BadgerBob

  10. True, it is early. I was really high on Chychrun and was hoping we'd pick him. Personally, I think he's going to be really good. I'll be paying close attention to Cholowski though since he'll be playing about an hour away.
  11. Thought this was interesting, Chychrun made the Yotes roster:
  12. This looks like a great looking improvement to what already was the best organized forum I visit. Thank you!
  13. He's going to be one of the extra forwards! *fingers crossed*
  14. Would have been amazing to somehow get Kovalchuk to come here when Datsyuk was here. Loved watching him play.
  15. Signed

    Maybe we'll sign him when he's washed up. Just like Vanek, Legwand, Modano, Weiss. What a joke this guy.