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  1. I actually think Nashville got the better end of the deal. Seth Jones to me is more Tyler Myers than Shea Weber. Nashville in return got a young #1 centerman who in that system will put up 70+ points.
  2. GDT

    There definitely have been some bad contracts lately by Holland. I still think he is one of the best in the league though...
  3. GDT

    Quincey was very good last year, and when healthy is a much better option than Ouellet. Big E is terrible, and has a contract as pleasant for fans as his performance.
  4. He will be wearing 17 next year. Looks cool though bro...
  5. Applefritter's development from a bottom 6 center to a 1st line winger in only 2 years is nothing short of remarkable!
  6. Many of my colleagues view an escort service as a viable alternative to dating...
  7. This case needs to be observed individualy of the voynov case. Each case is unique unto their own. The evidence was pretty discerning immediately after it unfolded regarding voynov. However there has not been enough evidence to indict Kane at this point. I am by no means defending kane, and believe his reputation precedes him. Also I am a prosecutor not a defense attorney, but I am reminded of a case that I studied regarding rape. A USC football player was accused of rape by a high school "friend", and sentenced to 15 years. 2 years later, while he was in prison she came clean that it was a bribe contrived by her mother. I'm not saying he is innocent, but we need to take our fan bias out of the equation until our justice system rules on the case. Is it perfect? No, however the system gets it right more than it gets it wrong. In this case there isn't enough evidence to send it straight to trial, so let's wait to judge the league until after.
  8. I wasn't attacking you at all, and i apologize if it came off that way. I was just curious where you feel the direction our justice system should head. I 100% agree with you that our system is not perfect. I have thought, over countless glasses of bourbon, how I would change it if I had the power too.
  9. It is definitely not a perfect system, but what's the alternative use one "nuetral" arbitrators/judge? I can promise you that nuetral is a very loose term with outside arbitration. The problem doesn't lie within the system alone, but within human nature.
  10. You're exactly right. This has very little potential to make it to arbitration. I present cases periodically before outside arbitrators, and if people think divorce hearings get ugly employer arbitration is a whole different animal.
  11. signed

    I kinda like Dekeyser with Smith. He will cover for his brain farts, and allow smith to attack in the offensive zone. Then again I suppose Ericsson could do that too and allow Deke to become the #2 that he seems destined to be...
  12. KFQ > E
  13. signed

    Would the over/under be 150 games played in the 3 year term?
  14. Stop kicking tires and get this done Kenny! Mantha, Sproul, and a 1st?
  15. Don't forget Svechnikov.