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  1. Not keen on the defensive pairs. Smith and Green were too good in my opinion to break them up. Marchy/DeKeyser had some problems for sure but they were our top pair and I think they looked surprisingly decent for that. At least it is not a problem fixed with changing Marchenko for Green. Why Ott is out is also beyond me. I thought him the best of the OMG line.
  2. Not too bad, I think we played pretty well until the wheels fell a little bit off in the third. Vanek was great, PP looked much sharper than last season, Smith/Green were a force out there but our PK still needs some training. All in all I've seen far worse season openers. Oh, and f*** the Refs.
  3. Nielsen !!!! Bishop f***ed this one up.
  4. Great shot, gotta give them that. Well, thats why Vanek got two.
  5. Pulks is a -1 atm btw.
  6. Great period. I'm surprised how organized they already play. I suspected much more chaos and hiccups with all those new lines and new guys in the lineup.
  7. Who was this Matthews again ?
  8. I'm calling 911, someone has to lock up Mrazek for those robberies.
  9. Mraz is on fire tonight.
  10. Vanek !!!!!
  11. OMG pulls the first PP for the Wings. Not bad.
  12. Here we go ! Show them guys !