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  1. That is the spirit Kenny ! AA for Trouba ? I'd be in. Sounds encouraging overall.
  2. The decision of you keep Smith for me is based on how fast do you think the Wings will be back at contender status. Do you think they will be in three to four years ? You'll need good and reliable 2nd/3rd pair defender then and Smith is exactly that. Or do you think that the rebuild will last longer ? Then it is much better to trade him for a pick. Because over the years Smith won't be much use to you in that case. I'm not sure which way to go now, if Holland makes the right moves we will be back up in the standings soon. But will he ? Can he ? And if in doubt it's probably better to trade him. We can trade back for him or any other player his type if Kenny actually can rebuild us that fast. Because if he can't and we keep Smith we waste an opportunity.
  3. Do you really need an answer ?
  4. Some Europe friendly back to back games. Bad for the Wings, but good for me. LGRW !
  5. That was actually a good game. I'm impressed. Well done Wings, keep it up !
  6. Not over yet.
  7. Well, that giveaway won't raise Vaneks value for sure......
  8. They do. And even without Green. But we have to keep in mind that the Caps still have to shake some rust off after their bye-week.
  9. I wouldn't hesitate a second to take Trouba for the pick. Every pick as an inherent risk. You didn't see that player perform in an NHL-game. And there are several examples where No.1-No.5 picks were used on players that later didn't pan out as expected. With Trouba we can be pretty sure that we get what we need the most right now.
  10. It's different this time. We were a bubble team over the last years, trading for rentals made some sense. This year we are clearly out. I fully expect Holland to acquire at least a few picks. If he doesn't he is doing his job wrong and I will join you on the "Fire Holland" bandwagon. By the way: If Kenny decides to stay pat Sean McIdnoe aka downgoesbrown already has him covered :
  11. Not over yet.
  12. One more period like the last one. Game is still up for grabs. GO WINGS GO !
  13. Have a slumping player ? Call the Red Wings. We are glad to help you out.
  14. Coreau ! What a great save.