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  1. Very weird bounce that led to what was essentially a 2 on 0 breakaway. I can live with that kind of fluke goals as long as the Wings outplay their opponent.
  2. Could be worse.
  3. Theme song of this forum ?
  4. Even if. Due to the cap we'd have to let got one or even two of them for probably nothing or at least far less than what we paid. If Holland tried to sell the farm for that I'd be chiming in the calls for his head. We've won exactly one game only due to our goaltending. And that was the game in New York. The reason for the rest was not only our goaltending. Wings just played good hockey overall.
  5. Go Wings, make it 5 !
  6. And that is how you end a rush Helm-style.
  7. PP is really night and day compared to last years. I wonder how much of Babs grinding and play it save was still in the players then.
  8. Abby. Lower-body.
  9. Refs already where they left off last night it seems.
  10. Abby out (lower body), AA in.
  11. Better than Oulett in my opinion. He made his mistakes but also had some good recoveries. His his best play was the redirect of a Nashville shot with his skate that would have otherwise hit a more or less open net. He also chipped in offensively and looked like a very good fit for the team. All in all a more than solid performance. There is no reason not to play him tonight so you can see yourself (hopefully).
  12. This could all be a fluke, given that we are still early in the season and Miller is one of our top goal scorers. But, nevertheless so far the main difference from last season to this : Our offense finally clicks. Apart from our usual turnovers we get the puck out of our zone much quicker, we gain the offensive zone better structured and faster and our PP finally looks like a threat and not like a PK with one man advantage. Of course we got away with a lot of high quality chances by the opposing team the nights before and our Achilles heel is defense play, no doubt. But that's what you probably trade in for this style of play. It looks we can finally see Blashs handwriting on this team and it's a beautiful one.
  13. Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus !
  14. Tats !!! Finally !