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  1. Will the various statues and plaques at the JLA, like the Gordie Howe statue, be moved to the new arena?
  2. Mike Ilitch's son who went to Hollywood to start a singing/acting career. What's he doing now?
  3. I'm trying to find maybe the top 10 highest home attendance games at the Joe since it opened. Not playoff but regular season games. Does anyone know where I could find a list or who to contact?
  4. During the recent celebration of the '97 Cup, I heard 4 Wings didn't show up for the ceremony. Does anyone know the 4 and why the didn't come?
  5. Did you know the Illitch's own Chicken Shack restaurants? They should have named the arena the "Chicken Shack!"
  6. Why no posts about his night? Was he well received?
  7. Just a few years ago the Wings had a backup goaltender for Howard who I recall was Sundquist or Lundquist or something like that. What happened to him?
  8. Does anyone know how the skill level of these players compares to the old Whalers team? Do you think many will go to these games?
  9. Reminds me of the fan who would read his Wall Street Journal all game, only looking up when the fans cheered.Tthat's the typical fan around here. Or the fans who didn't support the Vipers. This is definitely NOT "Hockeytown!"
  10. To all those who complain about lack of scoring and excitement in today's game, I say the answer is the bigger, European ice. This league once again blew it when all those new arenas opened in the last 10-15 years, and none had the big ice sheet. The new Wings arena should have adopted it, and over the years as new arenas are built, the whole league should.
  11. Does anyone think his job is in danger? I mean, each year they've done worse in the playoffs. Can he inspire his players?
  12. Why would he be at that game? Scouting players would be an obvious reason, but he doesn't have any connection to the Whalers, does he? What was funny was that as he walked thru the crowd, it seemed as though he was trying to keep his head down so that no one would spot him, and believe it or not, most of the people didn't even notice him. That shows you how unobservant most people are!
  13. This may not be the ideal forum, but I was wondering if people remember using the old Lange plastic boot skates. Mainly I was wondering about the sizing. Did you drop down a size or 2 or did they fit like shoes? TIA
  14. If the Wings or other teams go to new arenas, would it be smart to go to the bigger ice surface? Now that the league has so many Europeans, and better skaters over all, wouldn't it be better that they have the bigger surface to maneuver? Even back in the '72 Summit Series, the Canadiens seemed to do better on the bigger ice; they won 3 of the four games in Moscow even though the Soviets were better skaters. I'd rather see end to end action rather than clutching and grabbing on the boards.
  15. JLA is only 30 years old. What exactly is inadequate about it? The problem with this throwaway society is that people always want a new toy. Look at the Silverdome. People were crazy about it; it recently sold for $500,000 or something like that. The Italians could somehow get 2000 years out of a stadium/structure, but we want a new one every few years. Maybe we should replace Comerica Park, I mean it's more than 10 years old.