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  1. i'm looking forward to smoking a legally purchased stateside #cubancigar

  2. RT @topshelftyson: This koala used to sit in trees eating eucalyptus until he finally went to the job fair. Do something with your life htt…

  3. #30Rock Dr Leo Spaceman "I don't no? Diabetes repair.."

  4. The moment you hear a song from the #GTA soundtrack whilst behind the wheel of an actual vehicle. Resist the urge drive on the side walk...

  5. Thank you #Jesus for all the touchdowns I will watch this Sunday.

  6. #antiquesroadshow you are truly an inspiration too me baby...

  7. JJ Abrams set to direct Star Wars Episode: 4 8 15 16 23 42 #starwars

  8. Yakupoving, you know? that thing when you celebrate something so mildly important with such grandiosity no one knows what to think #Yakupov

  9. as a one off its not really too overboard. but its teetering towards the outlandish, for me anyway. the Erlers had one called back just before Yakupov scored. and its a late tying goal i get that.…but the game wasn't over eh. you just evened the tally, pretend like you've scored before and intend on scoring again. all im saying is he shouldn't make a habit out of motoring past his teammates to celebrate like that.