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  1. Overseas? Why don't you just say "Sweden"? You pretty much said it all. It will be about finding the balance between "getting away from the diva play", "show some aggressiveness" and "SCORE!". How he will do next season? I hope he'll be doing good, too.
  2. GDT

    it was 0-3 in the last game by that time. So a good start
  3. Very optimistic!
  4. gdt

    WOW! And I was JUST gonna say "eh, Babcock changed lines alongst Brunner!" Maybe Cleary is the answer to "who has to play with Brunner?"? Hah. I'd have picked Tootoo, Tatar and Abdelkader first, but oh well.
  5. gdt

    Why didn't the old man at Fox Sports ask some real questions?
  6. Maybe you should just stop posting about Brunner.
  7. gdt

    You're exaggerating a little ("have not been working the past dozen games"). Time for a change (again). Agreed. But Babcock's job isn't easy, with all the injured players coming back and lines that don't work. One problem is that there's almost no time for a new line to adjust to each other.
  8. gdt

    not that it matters, but how was that a penalty shot? (compared e.g. to the Minnesota game on Feb 17 where the Wings were denied a penalty)
  9. gdt

    "quota" is good. When was the last time the Wings score 4 or more in regular time? 8 games... (24.2., 8 against Vancouver)
  10. gdt

    But Flip & Brunner have, right? That should be enough. But these two could need someone to create some room, someone who isn't afraid to the spots where it hurts. Tootoo's still my favourite.
  11. gdt

    I think it's too early to try Brunner with Dats again. They had their ice time (first few games of the season, then 2 more later on). It didn't work. That's why I suggested to bring Brunner with Tootoo and Tatar (oooooops!). So now, Brunner + Flip + ??? (not Dats/Z). [edit: ??? = Abdelkader? Would be a good hard-worker IMO]
  12. gdt

    Yes, meaning he couldn't take the pass. But oh well, such things can happen, I don't blame him. And it turned out well.
  13. gdt

    ... and after Brunner gave it away for no reason, I already thought "well, another great PP". But wait, I did get great.
  14. gdt

    Aww, ok, sorry. Got it wrong then.