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  1. gdt

    Yeah, there are really so many things wrong with puttin him there... Guy could be great on the PP. Also, if someone is having trouble scoring it might not be the best decision to put him in a position where (as a forward) you get to be afraid causing a shorthander every time your moves don't work out...
  2. GDT

    So I haven't watched the game, look at the stats and see that Z, Brunner, Cleary were -3? Did they play that bad? Or "just" got very unlucky?
  3. I don't see why a 26 year old shouldn't be able to still learn things and change. 26=too old? I don't get it. His statements to me clearly indicate otherwhise. They suggest he is as much willing as able to improve.
  4. GDT

    I'd be surprised if he actually could lose his offensive "appetite". But as to his offensive output I really hope that doesn't happen.
  5. That one has been his favorite trick in Switzerland...
  6. GDT

    Gave me no reason, that was a very reasonable statement, unlike others Something you deemed impossible or at least unlikely several times, didn't you? As to his chances I agree, he really should have made at least the one in the powerplay. THAT could have made a big difference for the game.
  7. GDT

    Haha, only twice but I had the same thought. Really should have made one of the two before...
  8. I still think starting fights like this at the start of the game without any reason is just ridiculous. Yes hockey is a physical sport but I want to see emotions, not such artificial crap. Completely surreal, maybe fun to watch once when it was unexpected but over and over again is annoying. Come on, give it up and do those hits during the game.
  9. gdt

    I'm sure by the end of the season you'll be able to list each and every one of Brunner's mistakes but won't be able to name 10 things he did well. btw no idea if it was his mistake, I've only seen the goal from the moment where he comes late, don't know how it came to the situation.
  10. That does get close, indeed, but ain't an actual fit. If you say "Brunner" everything but the pronunciation of the "u" is actually very close to Swiss german. You have to pronounce it like the "oo" in "Brooner" but as short as the "u" in "Brunner" with more stressing remaining on the "nn". No idea if that helps^^
  11. GDT

    He never needed to get physical. I'm sure he's going to be told if he needs now. Same about his defense: It was always good enough. This season he's still ranked 8th in the Swiss league with +18. Furthermore I'm not sure if Doug Shedden is the best coach you can get in the NLA if you want to improve your defense skills, at least with the system he keeps running with Zug... Did work out for Diaz though, remarkably. I'm really wondering how that's going to develop, only time will tell. And telling by his nose, he got punched a lot hehe. No wonder you don't remember him for his skills, it's general knowledge that he's a late bloomer. There is a reason for why he's never been drafted. Apart from that I don't really think it a good idea calling someone a diva or, anything actually, just by lookin at their face. And I'd blame much and more of that on their jealousy. You just gotta love those rushes as he did on that one goal today.
  12. GDT

    Oh my... Fellow swiss. You really should get over whatever problems you've had with our guys playing against your team in Switzerland. First off about Brunner's defensive work: Yes, true he's got some problems there. However if he doesn't get that physical so far, you can definitely blame a big part of that to the transition time. You just don't get that physical in the Swiss league, and for sure even less as a forward. We'll see how that's going to develop. And then about the standard s*** we got to hear by all Brunner haters in Switzerland over and over again: Apparently he's lazy, selfish, a diva, only waits for the passes to come around so he can put em in. Please, my deary, just rub your eyes clean and take a good look at his statistics in Switzerland and actually read what they say. Let's take this season where he actually still is on top of the scorers list: 25 goals, 32 (!) assists. Sounds extremely selfish to me, he obviously never gets the puck to his line mates... He's got an easy going attitude and you guys mistake it as arrogance, that's your problem, not his. You ask the guys he's played with, the other players from EV Zug or opponents and the answer is he's well liked and respected in Switzerland. Please, just stop spreading your untenable thoughts and stick to the facts. Facts are: He's clearly the best Swiss forward we have atm (yes, maybe Bärtschi, Nino or someone currently in Switzerland will take that spot in the future) and he obviously knew how to score in Switzerland - And the tendency is, he knows how to do it in the NHL as well. But hey, he's not perfect. Who are you waiting for? The Swiss Gretzky? He's got a good attitude though and I'm confident he's gonna adjust and learn, taking some steps forward. After all with Pav and Z he's got at least two great two-way forwards in his team he can learn from. Stop the hating, alright? And yes, I actually am a fan of Zug.