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  1. Hockeytown?

    I'm a huge hockey fan. I live in Buffalo - and one year I went to every Sabres home game that season, including 2 rounds of playoffs. Of course I went to the first outdoor game in in 2008. And that offseason when they announced the next outdoor game would be in Chicago I looked into season tickets there, and got 2 tickets, to ensure I'd have tickets to Winter Classic #2. I've kept the season tickets since and have no problems selling them, ever. And I go to 1 game per year. This offseason I decided to get Red Wings season tickets. Bonus being that it's close enough to drive to a few games per year, definitely when the Sabres will be there, but I'll probably go to a few other games as well. Here's my question - is there not enough interest in the Red Wings these days? First 2 games I listed the tickets on Craigslist, the Ticketmaster TicketExchange, and Stubhub. I was only looking for window price originally, then I went down to my season ticket holder price - but I got zero interest! I thought this was Hockeytown?? I listed my Blackhawks tickets on Craigslist on Saturday for this Sunday's game and they sold in under 10 minutes. I have 4 seats for the Sabres and I never have any problems selling them. Did I overestimate the fans in Detroit and make a really bad decision getting season tickets??