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  1. Pre-Season Games

  2. 2017 NHL China Games

    Yea but do people who dont really know ice hockey or follow it know/care tho? Maybe the game itself is the "intrigue" factor than a famous player
  3. 2017 NHL China Games

    Friendly matches in soccer don't count but millions of people show up in that part of the world
  4. Pre-Season Games

    Indeed, there's always a chance long as we're top 10 worst team
  5. Pre-Season Games

  6. Pre-Season Games

    You mean to me. But Dahlin bro..
  7. Pre-Season Games

    I'm right behind you Doctor.
  8. Athanasiou Rumor

    Yawn. Quit your bitching already. It's gotten boring. You've cried wolf all season and it hasn't changed anyone's opinion. We get it, you're a bitter man with nothing positive to say.
  9. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    Green + Daley for top 2 instead?
  10. Pre-Season Games

    How did Sheahan do?
  11. Pierre McGuire on Wings-Tavares

    I guess I'm just confused as to how we're getting Dahlin or Svech. Are we winning the draft lottery by being top 3 worst teams? Or are we assuming Holland trades up for those picks? If so don't we give up Larkin/Mantha etc. I feel like the planets would have to line up perfectly for all these scenarios, unless I'm missing something.
  12. Athanasiou Rumor

    Guy has yet to play a full season
  13. Pre-Season Games

    Dude always calls it like it is.
  14. 2018 Detroit Red Wing All-Star(s)

    Like bigfoot
  15. Athanasiou Rumor

    We can't even match