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  1. Quit being a hater Dickie. Ken Holland
  2. Guys (both pro and anti Jurco) Jurco is not a Red Wing anymore. He's gone. For good. Just let it go lol. He'll be playing AGAINST us now as a rival. Doesn't give a s*** about us anymore. Moved on. Sayonara. Adios. Doesn't need our support or hate. Could care less about it. Has a new fanbase in the Blackhawks now.
  3. Lol yeah I knew you were one of us WWE fans.
  4. As expected of the group
  5. Lol you do have a point.
  6. Well. Jurco was 0-2 with two different coaches. So I do wonder if it's something behind the scenes.
  7. You lost your cool. And that's checkmate.
  8. He wouldn't fit our system. Too many similar players.
  9. "Supposed" former lives, yet happens to know about Number9 who used to be a member here from 2010-2015. Dead giveaway. Not a very good troll.
  10. Even comparing Toews to Yzerman can only mean you think he's on Yzerman's level. He's not.
  11. Lol. For someone who says Toews > Yzerman you're here to troll not talk hockey. Keep trying.
  12. Even so watching Jurco play still didn't make me feel like he was anything more than a 3rd liner. His hockey IQ just wasn't there compared to Mantha, AA, etc. If it was 2003 or something I'd say we can invest some time in him and help him. But we're at the point where we need players who can help themselves and help the team. Mantha and Larkin both clicked right away in their first few NHL games. We need more of that. That's why I'm also very pro "lets get a high 1st round pick" this year because whoever the first round pick is; say Viliardi or Patrick- that player will likely be NHL ready and be a great player from the get-go. Won't be Connor McDavid level but even something half that level would be nice.
  13. I feel like TheAxe/Bill Berzeench/ Jonas Mahonas tried to make a troll thread but it backfired. Probably because the entire forum knows he's on his 3rd or 4th new account and using a VPN to mask his IP address. (Guys I don't think he knows we know about his VPN) Toews is not a good hockey player. He'd be a 4th line center on our 2008 team.
  14. Even if Jurco scored one goal with the Hawks I bet people going to flip out and be all like "SEE HE WAS MISUSED"
  15. Woah people are getting way too pissy in a Jurco thread lol.