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  1. SAD!
  2. Apparently they tell the story with Glendening, Miller, Marchenko and Ott but not when it's applied to someone you're high on. Come on man. We've both used Corsi, points, etc to judge players. I'm doing nothing different in Smith's case. And you just don't like the sound of it since you love him.
  3. Arizona doing real good under him and his philosophy
  4. Smith did better with Blashill last year but doing considerably worse this year. On the other hand most players did WORSE with Blashll last year and are doing just as bad. So in Smith's case the common denominator is Smith himself not Blashill. Did fine under Blash's first year, worse in Blash's second year. On the other hand Tatar, Sheahan, Nyquist are all doing bad under Blash; both year 1 and 2. Then there's the outlier like Zetterberg who is actually doing better in Blashill's 2nd year than his first year but Zetterberg was able to adapt to the coaching change since he has a high hockey IQ, the others however haven't been able to adapt yet. Smith went from adapting right away last year to actually declining this year. That's actually worrisome.
  5. Okay you're giving me an opinion which is factually incorrect. I'm giving your facts not my opinion. Kronwall is better in 2016/17, factually/statistically speaking. Some of the guys you named are actually overrated, just like Smith. Don't get me started on Ben Lovejoy he's terrible. Some of the players you mentioned are better. Tanev for instance.
  6. Just have it out for players being overrated that's all. Lol. For 5 on 5: Kronwall CF% = 49.8 Smith CF% = 49.6 For All Situations: Kronwall CF% = 52.7 Smith CF% = 50.1 It seems 2016/17 Kronwall is actually a better puck mover than Smith. I learned something today. BTW I hope you guys know that Smith has actually regressed A LOT this year? his CF last year was 56.8 last season under Blash and is down to 50% this year. Is that entering prime or.. what? Kronwall actually went up from last year
  7. Smith isn't better than Kronwall even now. Corsi says other wise, point totals say otherwise, and traditional defense numbers say otherwise too. I'm saying you're wrong about Smith being better than Kronwall even now. No data backs that claim up at all. They're about the same in all those departments with Kronwall having an edge on mostly everything. I'm not dropping my standards and nobody should because with that attitude you won't find success. My standards are quite normal actually. Lidstrom was the anomaly but Rafalski, Stuart, prime Kronwall weren't "elite". They were actual legit top 4 defenseman. Smith is a 6th defenseman that you and Bill are overrating to be a 2nd pair D-man. Good 2nd pair defenseman in this league are the likes of Shattenkirk, Green, Gardiner, Trouba, Barrie, Niskanen, Lindholm, and many others. Smith is nowhere near the top of that list. He produces and plays at the rate of a 5th D-man at best. Btw the late 2000s roster weren't "golden years" the roster in 97 with Murphy, Konstantinov, Lidstrom was better. 2008 Lidstrom was the only real elite one. And Cory Emmerton aka Emdog is brought about because Jonas Mahonas's old account "TheAxe" obsessed over him and claimed him to be a 2nd line center. And few years later he's overrating another player named Smith. It was a joke at Jonas, he knows what I'm doing.
  8. Bottom line is that there's no room to re-sign Smith if we're re-signing Tatar, AA, etc and for those that want him back, consider the crunch this team is likely to be in. This is why I was not a fan of the Helm contract. Yes a lot of you like him and yes he's a decent player but the sum of that parts of all our contracts are adding up to be a potential disaster. I get it, you want a certain player here because you like him; but think broadly. This teams future is f***ed with the contracts we keep adding on and on and on. This isn't really about Smith or Ericsson or Helm or whoever, it's about contract A, contract, B, contract, C. Objectively speaking. Don't look at it player by player, look at it as a whole. We're one of the worst teams in terms of cap space and contracts overall.
  9. DK should be traded, Smith traded, Ericsson traded, Kronwall can stick around, his cap hit is not that bad since his contract is almost over anyway. Plus his veteran presence is important in the locker room imo. He doesn't play that much anymore because of his bad knees anyway so he's not impeding anyone from getting a chance. He'll likely play his standard 30-40 games a year for the remainder of his contract.
  10. Let me take that back. injured Niklas Kronwall has BETTER Corsi than Smith. Injured Kronwall has more hits, more blocks, less giveaways (considerably) than Smith. (And you can't use the "well Smith has more giveaways because he has the puck more on his stick" argument because like I said they have the same Corsi) So what makes Smith good again? This is exactly why Smith needs to be traded, players like him are starting to become "great" in this fandom. It's time we go back to some actual legitimate standards instead of dropping out standards so low. Remember that TheAxe/Bill Berzeench/Jonas Mahonas was also a huge fan of "Emdog" aka Emmerton and considered him to be a future 2nd line center. We all know how that went. Enough with overrating these players lol.
  11. Smith's better than Kronwall? Lol what? You mean Kronwal doesn have good knees and plays injured? Yeah that's probably it. A healthy Kronwal is miles ahead of Brenden Smith lol. That guy put up almost 50 points two years in a row just recently and led the team in points in 2014. Was a Norris considerstion for a couple years too. Smith's not better than Kronwall, and never will be. Kronwal is just a player who plays through chronic injury which has caused his play to suffer tremendously. Even the current injured Kronwal has almost as many points, corsi, and minutes played per game as Smith. That's right, injured Kronwall is on the same level as Smith. That's what makes Smith so overrated around here.
  12. I found this: The NHL apparently anticipates the cap to remain flat next season, with little if any increase projected over this year’s $73 million ceiling.
  13. Your article says " “Our practice with Players' Association really has been over the last couple years to try to sit down and talk about a reasonable projection for revenue growth and build in that inflator,” Daly said. “So that's what I'd say, it's somewhere probably between the current cap and $74 million.”
  14. Actually the bold is a good one technically. Cap hit is $6 million and he's putting up as much or more points than players who have cap hit of $8-10 million a year (Getzlaf, Kesler, Voracek etc). Some of these NHL players are over paid as hell, I personally think Z's deal is cheap for the production he gives us. Yes cap friendly updated theirs to $73 million that's what I used. Next year we have $67 million on the books and cap friendly have $73 million as the cap ceiling. But if your article says its going to be $74 then that's about $7 million left over instead of the $6 million I said.