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  1. Sproul's right handedness itself is clutch. First time we played 3 right handed defenseman in a while it seems.
  2. Also where are people who have been talking this team down? I don't see as much positivity when we win. Come on now, 4 wins in a row is huge, did we ever have that last year? Also I like Sproul. Also this.
  3. Jimmy is giving Mrazek a run for his money.
  4. That really was an average shutout.
  5. Usualy I would be in support of sitting Z on a back to back but because he didn't have a training camp, I think it's better to keep his mind and body working for the time being.
  6. Oops I didn't see this when I made the "Official 2016/2017 Red Wings Season Thread" earlier today. My mistake. Guess that can be deleted then.
  7. To be fair Larkin has been the worst face off taker in recent Red Wings history. I don't know how much he practiced over the summer but clearly it was not enough. Don't forget that when Datsyuk and Zetterberg started their careers, they started as 3rd line players and went head to head on faceoffs against lesser competition. Larkin is getting completely wrecked on faceoffs by top line centers. They should have him take O-zone faceoffs at the very least though...
  8. Miller had a good game, I'm not arguing that. All I'm pointing out is that Zetterberg and Nielsen led in ice time so they were obviously most relied upon. And to close out the game it was Zetterberg/Nielsen not the 4th line guys, although Glendening was on there for a shift as a backup center. Larkin might have been chasing the puck but he was also led in takeaways with 2 last night, so he must obviously be good at chasing and taking, which is a part of defense/ Selke voting by the way. And even the blocking shots concept.. our top lines players did a good if not better job of blocking shots last night than our 4th line did. Tatar blocked 2 shots, Abdelkdar 2, Zetterberg 1, Nielsen 1. So while the 4th line might be good on "Traditional defense", it seems like the top line guys can do all that (they have been) and score points as well. Traditional defense and possession aren't mutually exclusive. You can be good at both. Ask Kris Draper or Kirk Maltby.
  9. Was a good goal. Queen Henrik misplayed the puck behind the net which cost him.
  10. A bold prediction that will likely not come true. Your other ones have a better chance for sure.
  11. Well I mean you're right. Zetterberg did lead the ice time with 19:23 and Nielsen was second with 17:30. To close out the game with 2-1 lead, Blashill put Zetterberg and Nielsen in the last 2 minutes of the game. Zetterberg was also the guy taking the faceoffs against Zibanejad in those two minutes and won his faceoffs (except 1). So yes you are right, the STRONG DEFENSIVE forwards we're definitely leaned on. The same two guys that were nominated for Selke trophies in their careers. Glad we agree on something!
  12. Bold prediction : Mantha makes the Wings roster soon after this thread gets moved the Prospects section.
  13. We would probably get Petr Budaj in return. Goalie for Goalie. Howard would be more of a salary dump for us.
  14. If they're REALLY interested then the GM goes as well.
  15. Goalie battle still on?