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  1. But is there a correlation to taking more faceoffs and having a lower percent? In December, Glendening and Zetterberg both had worse faceoff percents than they do now. They've both taken more faceoffs since then.
  2. 35 of Otts 63 PIM is from fighting. He's about the same as other players on the squad in terms of the penalties he takes. Unless I'm wrong, Id have to look it more into detail.
  3. It's hard to downplay Ott's faceoff percentage. He's taken a career total 2894 faceoffs and is at about 56%. And even with less faceoffs taken, there's no signs of decline in his win %, infact there's an upwards trend. Even in his head to head matchups during the PK against top centers this season he's still got a good faceoff %. Blashill uses Ott in the faceoffs over Glendening during the PKs. Btw Selke votes are "blah" after 5th or 6th place. It's probably someone giving a troll 5th place vote or something lol.
  4. Redmond said in the game yesterday that Mrazek is possibly in talks for trade. And btw I don't think Howard would be the replacement, I think it would end up being a Coreau/Howard tandem. You're right that you shouldn't trade a goalie with potential who is young. But would you do it for a 1st round draft pick?
  5. I also picked Ott because he has slightly better Corsi than Glendening (45% for Ott vs 43% for Glendening). Meaning while Ott isn't the best offensive guy, he still does a slightly better job of moving the puck. Also as people know, I enjoy hockey fights which he does. Even though he loses 90% of his fights. Still good entertainment for me during playoff hockey.
  6. I wonder what Mrazek can get us in a deal. If it was something really nice then I'd go for it. But if the return is crap then I'd rather invest our time with him and focus on trading Vanek, Smith, Green.
  7. I picked Ott for the single reason that he's literally top 10 on faceoffs in the entire league (he's ranked 9) at around 58%. When it comes to PK, imo faceoff a win is the most important of the kill. I'd take that in the playoffs any day. I think that's one of the reasons why Draper was so valuable in our cup wins. It would be one thing if he was around 53% on faceoffs, but when you get closer to that 60% mark that's almost a guaranteed win against most centers not named Patrice Bergeron.
  8. You made me lol pretty hard. Good times, good times.
  9. If you had to pick one for a playoff cup run, who would you pick? And why? Can't say "neither". You're stuck with picking one of them.
  10. Well if you think it's a baited question then just ignore it instead of taking "the bait" and acting passive-aggressive and becoming all argumentative over a question. Although I'm not exactly sure how asking what one would feel if Mrazek got traded is considered baiting. I understand that people are getting on your nerves for truthfully speaking about Mrazek but not everyone is out to bait you lol. It was a legit question. It's a forum after all. Questions and discussions are allowed.
  11. Calm down jeez. Its like every GDT you have to lash out at people talking about Mrazek. Just relax. It's a game. You can ignore us.
  12. Yeah that line was all over. Bad teams can beat good teams from time to time. It happens. We're not a good team we just beat two good teams that's all. We got beaten by the Coyotes and Oilers plenty of times back in the late 2000s. Remember when the Blues beat us like 3 times in the 2008 season and they were bottom of the western conference.
  13. If Petr Mrazek gets traded in the deadline, how will you react?
  14. Dam you might have jinxed it. He might end up scoring. Nooooooooooooo
  15. Well that's true. Just pure speed doesn't get you anywhere. Larkin has the skills and the speed. He just needs the hockey IQ that I think he's partly lacking at his young age. That just comes with time and playing with smart players. (which is why I kind of want a Larkin - Zetterberg- Mantha line)