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  1. The Wings don't need anymore 30+ year old players chaps. Hanzel and Boyle will be looking for long term contracts. You want them here till they're 38 along with Zetterberg, Nielsen and Kronwall? Shall we get all 5 a big cake when they retire one after the other and take spots from younger players in Grand Rapids? Both players are going to be regressing soon enough.
  2. It was a good win but unfortunately meaningless one as far as playoff hopes. The Wings basically have to win around 19 of their 24 games remaining. 19-5 record overall. Is that possible?
  3. No.
  4. Brutal Red Wings season and Zetterberg still keeps chugging along, 3rd game winning shootout goal this year and set up both goals. Not sure why people think he's not a good captain. Literally the only one actually putting everything into it.
  5. Here's my opinion. Getting a 1D in the draft is always a hit or miss because defensemen have weird development. Getting a 1C in the draft is usually guaranteed to be good if they are in the top 5 pick. So I would: Trade Larkin for Trouba 1 for 1. Draft Nolan Patrick. Done. Just kidding you know we ain't getting Patrick. But let's say we get the 3rd pick at worst this year. I draft Vilardi and wish Dylan Larkin well and go visit Trouba in his Rochester home in Michigan this summer when he moves back. Maybe buy him a welcome home present or something. My point is Vilardi, Patrick might be in a weak draft class but they will most likely be better centers than Larkin. Whereas if you keep Larkin and try to draft a 1D, you never know what you'll get. Could be hit or miss.
  6. 3 new posters but 50 more troll accounts and socks.
  7. nice backhand chip pass on that PP goal to Nielsen
  8. So all these contracts end in 2021-22 ish. About the time Larkin, Mantha, AA and maybe Svech and the other youngsters will be hitting their primes. Honestly sounds like a good outlook strategically since by 2022 those said young players will be getting biggest long term contracts (from age 26 till mid 30s). I think these contracts aren't going to hurt our long term outlook and will be finishing up by the time the future players will be getting their main contracts. So, not a big deal.
  9. Also like I said already we use the word "tank" but not in the traditional idiotic sense. They're not losing games on purpose, but at the same time they could be just focusing future picks and getting the younger main guys (AA, Larkin, Mantha) attuned to NHL. They don't seem to want the young guys to go through what Edmonton did; where young guys got drafted and had no veterans to surround them around. They seem to want AA, Larkin and Mantha to steadily develop around Zetterberg and Nielsen. I'm sure they would have prefered Datsyuk but Nielsen is the substitute.
  10. No one said this team went into the season wanting to tank, rather tanking as the season goes on and the playoffs are out of reach. The theory comes from the following points: Holland is supposedly selling, Blashill hasn't mixed up the lines to try and improve win chance, Miller waived, interviews show no signs of panic and acceptance for the most part. We're not making the playoffs, and I'm 99% sure Holland or any GM would rather have a top 3 pick than the 10th pick overall. We're going to be staying around the bottom of the conference most likely. They won't be actively trying to move up it would make no sense.
  11. Alternatively we could all be in denial at how much we suck and are coming up with excuses to feel better about it. Well, Miller was used but immediately waived when it seemed like playoffs were out of the picture. Idk I feel like there really is a trend. Pure speculation but I feel like they knew bad days were coming but tried to win if they could and as soon as s*** was hitting the fan they waived Miller and scratched Ott at times and started actively using certain players in positions they prefer to develop them around.
  12. I think we're all on the same page here. I don't mean "tank" in the general sense where you don't play 60 minutes of hockey and try to win. I mean "tank" in the sense of focusing on long term things, experimenting weird ideas and not being overly concerned of the short term. You could tell that when we were desperately trying to win games Babcock would put his best players together on one line to make it happen. He would always reunite D and Z. But Blashill on the other hand has maintained keeping Vanek on line 2 or 3, even though it would probably be better to have Vanrk on the top line with Mantha and Z. And if not then even Larkin with Mantha and Z. It's a bit unusual to not hear harsh criticisms from Blashill, unusual to not hear about it from Holland, unusual for Z to do almost every post game interview instead of the assistants. It's the same trend every game and it's the same things said by the same people. Like it seems like they're "worried" but at the same time very "calm" about it.
  13. I remember a quote from Babcock from 2015 season end when he said "If you asked me before the season stated I would have said we wouldn't make the playoffs" Of course he admitted to being wrong but you are right that Holland and Babcock must have both known it was coming. If it realy is a tank it's a very strategic one. Some of Blashill's decisions are WHAT THE F ARE U DOING?? But it makes you wonder if it's all done on purpose.
  14. What about a Troupick?
  15. I know you're kidding but I think there may be an element of truth to this