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  1. But would they give up a first for an elite defenseman that helped his team to the Stanley Cup finals? Not a chump like Weber, I mean a guy like Subban? I would say yes. For Green and someone like Weber, no. I'd take the second rounder for Green.
  2. And when Holland doesn't grant your wish and your hope, you're going to have a rant fest for days. Rinse and repeat.
  3. Yes you can. Many have EKGs etc. I mean, if you're smart and have no issue with the $$ you go to ER, but if $50 is a problem the cheaper alternative is urgent care.
  4. That would be due to our fine nations reimbursement structure. Go to urgent care next time. You'll probably save yourself money and save the hospital money as well.
  5. And that's how malpractice lawyers came to make millions of dollars.
  6. More like $50 for the tests they ran to rule out anything severe and nurses, doctors who did a physical exam to monitor and read ur heart rate, BP and other vitals. Also cost of occupying a bed. Assuming this was the ER. If clinic then you just have s***ty insurance with a high co-pay. But you know, it's was obviously those darn aspirins.
  7. He's lost it
  8. Lol at this post. Most hospitals don't even profit off patient care. You are an uninformed individual.
  9. Tiny cause he's not 6'2
  10. You like dem younger boyz huh?
  11. Hungry Howies Asian Chicken Pizza
  12. Yeah lol. One of their female national team players practiced with Ovie this season.
  13. Hmmm after further research I found the following supporting argument for your statement. Damned if you do. Damned if you don't.
  14. Thank you. For the love of all the Viking Gods, I've been trying to make this point for 2 years now.
  15. Lol